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New Dog Checklist: Essentials for Your Pup

New puppies have endless energy, amazingly sharp baby teeth, and a bladder (seemingly) the size of a pea. They also have a desire to please their owners, social behavior patterns that are not yet in sync with their bodies, and insatiable appetites. In many regards, a new puppy is like a new baby. Sorting through what you really need in order to help your new pup be successful can be an overwhelming task. Fear not, Mojitos and Munchkins has done the research for you!

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New Dog Checklist: How to Keep Clean With a Pup in the House

Spoiler Alert: New dogs rarely come home fully potty trained and the process can be a messy one as the learning takes place. Additionally, staying on top of a dog’s hygiene can be a timely and expensive thing. Fear not, there are companies out there who want to make life easier for dog owners. Let me introduce you!

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