As a family of 5, we live for relaxing weekend mornings filled with delicious breakfast food, family laughs, and lazy days. Also as a young family of 5, these fictional days are much easier to dream about than actually enjoy. That said, when the opportunity arises, you better believe that we seize the moment!

One way that we seize the moment is by having the best products on hand to help us maximize time as a family by busting out our brunch favorites. The TECHEF Eggcelente Pan is one of our current bests. This specialized pan makes breakfast quick and easy, thus leaving more time for the good part = Eating all of the yummy food!

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The TECHEF Eggcelente Pan is non-stick and has four separate wells to bake whatever you please. A few of our favorite combinations at the Mojitos and Munchkins household include:

  • 4 mini scrambled egg concoctions, each with it’s own customized add-ins including cheese, peppers, ham, etc.
  • 4 Swedish pancakes: Because a pan that single handedly makes 4 pancakes at a time will always be winning
  • Egg sandwich creation where each well contains one of the following: 1.) Sausage patty, English muffin half, fried egg

What we love about the TECHEF Eggcelente Pan:

  • Oven AND dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick pan
  • Easy to clean
  • 4 wells for versatile cooking
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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins