Life as a busy homeowner can be tough. Managing both the interior and exterior of a house is difficult enough, but throw in garden maintenance and you’ve got your hands full. Gardening can be therapeutic and reduce stress, but finding time to do it and maintain your garden can be a challenge.

In this garden maintenance plan you’ll find helpful tips that you can use when you’re busy and struggling to find the time. Take a look and see what you find:

Keep Your Garden As Low Maintenance As Possible

Keeping your garden as low maintenance as possible is essential for those who don’t have a lot of time. Mulching, for instance, helps to reduce weeding time in your garden and creates a better quality soil. It stops weeds from growing and getting out of control, which is perfect for times when you have a lot on your plate. If you’re particularly lazy, filling your garden beds with stones, AKA stone mulch, can be an option too. This non organic mulch will not need to be replaced. However, be prepared to use a blower every so often to get rid of debris that lands on them.

Consider how you can make your garden more low maintenance. You could even incorporate fake grass, so you don’t have to worry too much about watering and nourishing it. You do still have to keep it clean and take care of it, but not to the same extent. Plus, it’ll always look fantastic, no matter the season!

Make sure you also research plants and flowers that require little to no maintenance. You don’t want to be on a strict watering schedule if you’re short on time. Perennial flowers such as lavender for example, will fill your garden with a pop of colour year after year, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger. Annuals will need to be replaced every season by contrast, so they are usually best avoided.


Outsource Tasks To A Pro

Outsourcing tasks to somebody else might cost you a little more money, but it is worth it when you don’t have to think about any maintenance tasks yourself. Landscape maintenance services  are extremely helpful and effective when you find the right person to help you.

Install A Drip Irrigation System

Installing a drip irrigation system can save you hours weekly of watering, and you should find that your plants do better with the consistent water source provided. You may also want to consider adding a timer to your system, which in turn will ensure your plants are watered even if you’re away from home on a long vacation. It’ll make watering completely hands free and take a lot of the heat off maintenance for you.

Hopefully you’ve found something here that you can use to maintain your garden without having to spend a ton of time on it. It is totally possible to have a nice garden while getting everything else done too!

Photo Credit: Pexel, grass photo, mowing