Yes, it can be very easy to be overprotective of our kids. Every little thing in the big wide world poses a risk to our loved ones, but is there a point where it’s too much? On the other hand, there are definitely a lot of risks when kids play outside, so what are the most common ones? There may even be risks you haven’t yet considered when you let your children play in the great wide open.

In The Backyard

If you only let your kids play in the backyard and nowhere else, you may still have some issues on your hands. Of course, there are some things that we can’t control and other things that we can. Playground sets are one of those things that can very easily cause our kids injury. If you’ve got high equipment, as long as you know that children under the age of 5 shouldn’t climb higher than 6 feet, you’ve got a good understanding of minimizing injury. In addition to this, depending on the season, there can be strange bugs, such as ticks or mosquitoes. You may argue that bugs are everywhere and harmless, but one bite could end up causing Lyme disease. Many parents don’t like to spray harmful chemicals in their yards, but there are organic mosquito control methods that aren’t as damaging to the garden, and your lungs!

In The Playground

When you take the kids to the park, be sure that you have your eye on them and have a good idea of the general dangers in a park. Things such as uneven surfaces or rusty equipment can cause a bad situation. Additionally, if the park is near bushes there could be poisonous berries, such as juniper, holly, or yew growing. If you have young kids, the temptation to eat these berries, or even certain fruits, could prove fatal. Another common issue that is not always talked about is bird feces, especially the common pigeon. If you’ve got toddlers that like to play and get their hands dirty, they could easily pick things up and put in their mouth!

In The Street

It’s common in some places but nowadays, many parents don’t let their kids play out in the street. However, if you’ve got a very close-knit neighborhood, you may very well encourage your kids to go out and play on the sidewalk or in the road or in a cul-de-sac. You should also give consideration, not just to the road and traffic, but other common obstacles, such as concrete. If your kid likes to go out on their bike, have some common sense, and make sure they are wearing adequate safety gear.

There is an argument nowadays for letting kids go out and explore, which is absolutely true, but if you don’t know what’s out there, then it makes sense to protect your children by keeping them away from unknown danger. So, by all means, let your kids go out, but be sure you have some background knowledge on what can cause major problems.

Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins