Summertime is a favorite time of year for most people. I know winter has a lot going for it with snow and Christmas, but the majority of people count down the days until summer is upon us. In addition to the beautiful weather and endless ice cream, summer is also great for entertaining guests at your home. It’s the time of year where you open up the doors to your garden and have countless BBQ’s and summer gatherings with friends & family.

Of course before you get to this stage, you need to ensure your garden is ready for all the entertaining it will play host to. Therefore, you need to follow these steps to ensure yours is up for the challenge.


A good lawn is pretty much the centerpiece of every good garden. You can’t invite people over if yours is brown, patchy, or overgrown. Thankfully, you can address all these problems my mowing your lawn properly. Set the mower to a high level and make sure you don’t cut corners. Cutting the grass as short as can be might seem like it would lengthen the time between mowing, but leaving some length also  avoids muddy patches and keeps it healthy. If your lawn is too big, then there are grass cutting services available to help you maintain it better. Regardless, you need to ensure your lawn stays in shape and is a decent length throughout the summer. Not only that, but it needs to be bright green too!


Naturally, you need to have places for guests to sit if you’re entertaining them in the backyard. Now is the time to bring out some suitable garden furniture. By ‘suitable’ I mean that it suits the outdoors and won’t get ruined. This also means that it suits the surface it’s being placed on. If you only have grass then make sure the furniture is suitable for grass. If you have patio/decking, then get furniture that can be used on either surface. Now, you’ll have places for people to sit and chat during your backyard parties.


This is pretty much a very sinister way of saying you need to de-weed your garden and backyard area. In reality, it’s plain embarrassing to entertain guests in a backyard that’s full of horrible weeds. It makes your place look like a forest rather than a nice garden for people to have fun in. So, ensure you work hard getting rid of every weed you can find and then making sure they don’t return either. The key to keeping this up is ensuring you’re out in your backyard every week or so checking for weeds. If you catch them early, then it’s so much easier to get rid of them.

Three steps, that’s all it takes to get your backyard ready for summer entertaining. Now, you can dust off your BBQ, slap some meat on the grill, and have yourself a fun summer party with your friends and family. Also, you’ve just made your backyard a lot more appealing, which means it’ll get a lot more use during summer too!

Photo Credit: Pexels