How long have you been dreaming of your summer body for? Now, think about how long you’ve actually been working towards it? We guarantee that you’ve put in minimal effort, but have been dreaming of having the best results. Getting a summer body takes time and patients, and above all, a lot of dedication. The more time you spend dreaming of takeaways, and probably ordering yourself one, the less time you’re going to spend in the gym and motivated. Make no mistake however, getting in the gym isn’t all that needs to be done. There are a few other steps that you should, and could take, to get that summer body ready. If you want to do it in 6 weeks, follow this guide.


Perfect The Gym & Diet

The gym and diet is the hardest part for a lot of people. Just merely getting out of bed and dragging yourself to the gym is probably going to seem like the biggest task in the world, but it is a task that has to be done. The more time you spend out of the gym, the fewer results you’re going to get. But then again, the diet is also the part that people seem to have a problem with. The biggest misconception is that eating healthy is more expensive. It can be done for next to nothing if you do it right. If at the time you think to yourself, getting something healthy is going to be expensive, but then you go to McDonald’s and get a Big Mac meal, then you’re probably going to spend more. If you want our advice, use one of the online services that delivers meal plans. They do weekly meal plans for a set price, and deliver everything to your door ready for you to cook and eat. All the ingredients are fresh, the food is healthy, and it’ll help make the whole meal decision thing easier for you! Hit the gym 4 times a week, rotating between cardio and weight, and eat healthy with one cheat day a week, and we guarantee you’ll get that body in 6 weeks!


Quick Fixes

Some of you reading this are going to be in a blind panic because you won’t have 6 weeks left until your holiday. For those of you, there’s no need to panic just yet. It is a really alternative method, but you could look into weight loss surgery if you’re really trying to shift some pounds that you’ve had for years. Some people are open to the idea, some aren’t. But we really would recommend that you take a look into the benefits of it, and make sure that you’re going to have enough recovery time before the holiday!



If you read this article, and find your get up and go and go to the gym another three times this week, and eat clean, you won’t notice a difference. You might lose a little bit of bloat, but you won’t really drop weight or see a summer body. You need to stick with it, and watch for the progression at around three weeks. If you stick to it without cracking on the diet side, you will notice a difference at the three week mark. Take before and after pictures to compare!

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