Hello and welcome to week one of the 52 Week Shoot Along Challenge. Throughout the next year, I look forward to:

  • following along with the weekly lessons that are sent my way
  • learning how to use my DSLR in manual mode – No exceptions
  • engaging in the private Facebook group and online community that goes along with this course
  • encouraging my readers to join me on this journey

Learning About Aperture

This week, we focused on aperture. This is where I could go into all of the technical learning I did to impress you, buuuuuuuut I won’t. You’ll have to join me in taking the class to learn all of the ins and outs. What I can show you is my homework for the week. I really took advantage of our online community this week and relished in the many ideas and photograph ideas that were posted in our private FB group. That, in addition to comments from our two instructors, and I can easily say I learned a lot. My hands-on practice – and the results I’m seeing – continue to give me the confidence that I need to keep going! Bring it on week two, I’m ready for you!

The focus of our week was on Aperture.

Enjoy a few of the pictures I captured during week one. It was a winter wonderland here in Minnesota, so our days revolved around snow, snow, more snow and hot chocolate.

Things I love about the 52 Week Shoot Along Course

  • The weekly lessons are emailed to participants to outline goals and teaching points. The lessons are ACCESSIBLE to all skill levels. Not only is the information understandable, but it is kept short and to the point. Almost like these busy mommas understand that us moms don’t have days to sit around reading chapter books. Thank you for that, Heidi and Amy! They truly get the lifestyle of a mom and know we need the best Cliff’s Notes they can offer us.
  • The Creative Prompt is easily attainable. Each week, we are given an assignment to focus on that is based on the learning in the lesson. Not only are samples provided to encourage beginners, but there is always a challenge section if a group member feels like they are experienced in the subject matter of the week.
  • Hands-on experience to build confidence. We all know that doing is better than listening, and being an active part of the learning has pushed me to improve. I made peace with the blurry photos and bad shots I would get, in order to be proud of the beautiful candids I captured.
  • Accountability. The fact that we need to post our weekly shots is what keeps me going. It is easy to put off a challenge if I think I can get away with it. Yes, the class is go-at-your-own pace. That doesn’t mean I should sign up for something and then let it drift away however. I am committed to learning how to take better photographs, and love the support and encouragement I am getting from this course.
  • The online support that goes along with the class is my favorite part. Everyone gets the same assignment, and then posts their shots of the week to the private FB group that was created just for our little class of learners. When you post, you can choose to write in the settings that you used when taking the picture. And don’t worry about remembering that info, you pull it right off of your camera or photo editing software! Your classmates can write in their thoughts, as well as hearing back directly from the instructors.

Are you ready to take the challenge? Join me and let’s learn together!