It is difficult to overestimate the importance of games in the life of a child. Some of them carry kids to the world of fairy tales and fantasies, others help to form practical skills. Table games are given a special place, as they participate in the development of speech, memory, attention, thinking, and communicative abilities.

A game known all over the world

Foosball is a game that is known in any country on our planet. Table football does not require certain knowledge, sports training, physical endurance or special equipment. The game of table football is a simple and affordable way to introduce the child to the sport that you can do at any time at home (to learn more about football tables — visit

Benefits for children

Table football is not just an opportunity to take a child. The game of table football teaches him to react quickly, assess the situation and make your own decisions. In this case, fine motor skills of hands are developed and correct speech is formed. The competition also develops the ability to fight fairly and to build a dialogue with the opponent. Table football is a hobby where children acquire the skills to adequately accept defeat and disappointment, which will be useful in the future.

Positive emotions

Table football is an indispensable assistant for modern parents. This is an exciting activity, which is always accompanied by laughter, helps to have fun and relieve emotional tension. And yet — it’s an opportunity for some time to forget about gadgets and computers, to experience new emotions and sensations.

When it is rainy and uncomfortable outside, when it is boring in the winter evenings, remember about table football! A popular game will become an interesting entertainment for the whole family and will benefit in the development of important skills in children.

Therefore, if your child is fond of football and constantly asks you to play this game in the game center or enthusiastically watching how others play, then you should think about buying table football for the house, so that the child can play it when he wants, with you or with your friends.

Cost and features of choice

The price of such a toy can be different, depending on the size and functions. However, if you want the game to give your child and you a real pleasure and work properly for a long time, then it is best to buy more reliable designs that can withstand high loads. If there is not enough space in the apartment, you can go in two ways — either buy a folding structure that can be collected after the game and hide in a niche, or buy a mini-football, which is not so captivating, but also able to deliver a lot of positive emotions to the child and his friends.

At the same time, it should be remembered that you can play table football both as a couple and as a big company. Therefore, if the child does not have the opportunity to play with friends, he can always play with his father, grandfather, because of adults like this entertainment as much as children.

Some parents deny the child such pleasure, preferring to give him money to play in the game club. However, this is not the right decision, because, firstly, the child does not have the opportunity to play as much as he would like, because the payment in such clubs is held every minute, and it is not cheap. And secondly, the atmosphere in the game club is very different from the cozy home atmosphere and does not imply a full enjoyment of the game process. If you are afraid that the child will quickly lose interest, then you worry in vain.

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