You have heard of the terrible twos. Now, welcome to the terrible teens. The terrible teens are when your kids transform into a hormone factory ready to blow. You’ll have fights, arguments, crying sessions and mumbled apologies. Actually, in retrospect, it will be eerily familiar to you if you’ve encountered the terrible twos. It’s just that this time, it’s bigger, and boy can it be hard to deal with.

The good news is that a lot of issues that emerge during the terrible teens are fairly easy to handle if you know how. Let’s look at some of these issues and consider how to handle them the right way.

Dental Issues

When kids are younger, you can usually get away with ignoring dental issues. Afterall, baby teeth fall out regardless, right? In all seriousness, when it comes to braces, it is important that you get things sorted as you can with a great dentist. The good news is that these days, there are subtle options that allow your child to avoid the embarrassing problems that come with braces. Invisalign, for instance, will enable you to correct your child’s teeth without people to even be able to tell that they are wearing braces.

It’s certainly worth looking into this option as it will save you and your child a lot of trouble. Kids can be mean to children when they have to get braces. Invisalign will give you a perfect smile without any aesthetic issues at all.

Remember, getting braces isn’t just about beauty. If your kids don’t get them when they need them, they are prone to have issues with their teeth later in life.


There’s a difference between acne and a few spots. Acne never really goes away but is definitely the worst through the teenage years. There are both home treatments and medicines available on the market. The problem is that the medicine comes with some rather nasty sides that you want to avoid. Some acne medication, now banned in most places, has even been linked to suicidal thoughts. While this might seem odd, the meds do alter the level of hormones released which can have an impact on the mind. As such, you need to be careful here. Try natural treatments, then creams and finally, medication. If this doesn’t work surgery is another possibility.

Anger Issues

Teens, particularly boys can deal with anger issues. If you need to help them through this, it’s best to give them a way to relieve their anger. One option is to encourage them to try some sports. This is a great way to help them work off some tension. Alternatively, consider investing in a punching bag. School can be tough, and sometimes when you get home, you just need something to hit, preferably not the wall.


Finally, you might need to think about pressure. Yes, kids and teens are constantly under pressure to perform in school. By the time they hit 12, they are already being told to think about college. As a parent, your job is to take some of that pressure away and give them a break every now and then. Help them find a way to relax and forget about the exams, the stress and just let them be a kid.

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Photo Credit: Dentist, scrabble, Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash, Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash