This week, our spotlight shines on Hannah, of Hannsla1000.blogspot. This blogger joins us from The University of London as a 20-year old student. She writes about lifestyle, DIY, reviews & recipes. She also posts Daily Vlogs and enjoying interacting with her readers through YouTube.

Meet Hannah and Her Family

Before you head over to her site, take a few minutes to get to know more about Hannah!

Who do you see as your ideal audience?

I see my audience as young adults.

What are 3 things you can’t live without on a weekly basis?

Internet, laptop, camera!

What are you passionate about?

Children, studying, and love!

What are your longterm website goals in one sentence?

Right now, my website is just a hobby. I don’t plan to ever make money out of it, but I just love writing and sharing thoughts. Plus interacting with others and hearing their opinions on similar topics. 

Hannah even agreed to play along with one of our “Spotlight Series games” that we will be playing with all of our featured guests. Check it out below!

  1. Laundry….. tiring
  2. Saturday mornings….. sleep
  3. I like to drink…. Diet Coke!
  4. Music… always
  5. Love… everyone
  6. Hate… It’s a strong word…
  7. The perfect season is… summer
  8. Food…. Yum! Brownies!
  9. Exercise is… not fun
  10. Duck, Duck… goose

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