I am a full time working mother of three…. You think I have hours to spend over boiling pots and meat thermometers?? HECK, NO. I don’t even own a meat thermometer. My style of cooking has always been to rotate between store bought taco shells, frozen pizza and hot dogs. Hey, I’m technically cooking each of these things, so I AM a home cook. Right??

Then, one day, I gave birth to my beautiful little allergy baby. The one whose system is far too precious for the likes of eggs or dairy. I remember going to Whole Foods for the first time after her diagnosis. I assumed I could continue my “easy cooking” kind of life by going to a different section of the store. Epi pen in tow, I went straight towards the “specialty aisle.” The one I had never shopped at (or near) before, but always looked at in wonder as I strolled by on my way to the “easier” stuff. Now, as I stand before the gluten-free bread and egg-free noodles, seeing the price tags triple before my very eyes, I realize my allergy baby is going to require me to cook.

Uh Oh.

In the 8 months since, I have learned a slew of information. First and foremost, what on earth have I been feeding my kids?? Gross. Secondly, I can DEFINITELY create home-cooked meals for my family that can keep everyone safe, don’t break the bank, and (arguably most important), don’t require me to spend hours (that I don’t have) in my kitchen (which I don’t like).

Over the next several weeks, I will be posting the recipes that my family eats most often. As a fellow allergy mom, I belong to countless “recipe swaps” and this is an easy way for me to share this info with my fellow support systems. Note: As a mom to two kids who LOVE their sister, but also LOVE their dairy and eggs, I will be posting some non-Gretchen-friendly (as we call it in our house) ideas, that can (and are) easily adaptable.

Check back tomorrow for my first installment of “Make Something Monday!”