Summer is the best time to spend time with your family. If you have a yard, getting the kids outside instead of letting them languish inside helps to make everyone happier.  The fresh air, the vitamin D, the green trees. Ahhhhhhh, sweet summer! You can create a family-friendly space that you can all enjoy together. From parents to kids and even the family dog, you should all be able to sit outdoors. Use the space for eating, socializing or simply relaxing. If you want to create somewhere that everyone will want to use, there are a few things that you should think about. Havea look at these ideas to get inspired!


To create a seating area, you usually need a solid surface for furniture. While you can put chairs out on your lawn, it’s not ideal if you want to have a dining area or need more stability. A deck or patio can help you set up the space you need, and connect your family space to the rest of your home. Keep in mind, that a deck or patio doesn’t necessarily need to be right outside your back door. You can put an outdoor space anywhere, even towards the edge of your backyard. Decide whether a deck or patio is more suitable for your needs. Do you want to have a raised space or somewhere level with the rest of your yard? Will your ideal spot be shaded or sunny? Think about what would work best for your family and when you would be using it.


Offering a few different seating options helps to make your space suitable for your entire family. It also means that you can choose to sit together as a family or everyone can find their own space when they want to. You can set up a communal seating area, maybe with some benches or a couple of sofas and some armchairs. You can also have some individual seats, and perhaps even some outdoor beanbags or loungers. Seating that can be moved around is even better, allowing you to rearrange your seating whenever you want to.


Eating outdoors during the summer is great, especially when firing up the grill. Make sure you have somewhere to eat your BBQ and your various side salads by setting up a dining area. Your dining table and chairs could be a permanent fixture, or you could find a set that easily folds up so that you can put everything into storage. You could even think about how to make your dining area even more social. A table with a grill in the middle allows everyone to get involved in cooking their own food and creates a more social experience.


If you want to enjoy your backyard all day, make sure you have adequate lighting for when it starts to get dark. There is something poetically perfect about summer nights spent sitting outside after sunset, cool drink in hands, laughs amongst a crowd. You can use lights that are wired into your home, but there are various other options too. Solar lights are ideal for charging during the day and turning on automatically at night. You might also want to use lanterns with candles if you want more natural light and some extra heat for cooler evenings too.


You don’t want anything to ruin your time outdoors – especially pests. Bugs flying around can be extremely annoying, especially when you’re trying to eat. If you want to deal with them, you need to find the best way to keep them away. Take a look at for a natural way to deal with mosquitos, without the need for any synthetic substances. You can also treat your backyard to keep away ticks, ants, wasps and any other bugs that might annoy you. Let them know that your backyard belongs to you and that you won’t let them ruin your fun.


It’s always nice to add a personal touch to different areas of your home. Making some DIY items helps to give your home some quirky elements that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want to make some things for your outdoor area, there are lots of projects you can try. One of the best materials to use is the humble wooden pallet. If you can get a hold of some recycled pallets, there are many things you can do with them. Make a plant pot holder, create some seats or a table, or do something decorative with them.


You don’t want your family area to be dull, so try to add color where you can. You might choose colorful furniture, or you can use colorful blankets, cushions, and coverings to make your furniture more comfortable. Look for accessories that you love including potted plants and outdoor lighting, candle holders and bright place settings for your dining table. Also, be sure to choose summer shading options to make your outdoor space bright and breezy.


Even though you might have plants in other parts of your backyard, there doesn’t have to be a clear line when the plants stop. If you have a patio or deck, potted plants can be a great addition. You can create privacy around the space by using lots of foliage or just add greenery. Choose colorful potted plants and hanging baskets to feature in your backyard area. 


If you have a cat or dog, make sure they have a space that they can enjoy too. Cats will generally do what they like, but they can still enjoy having a water bowl or somewhere to sleep. Give your dog a bed in the shade so that he or she can stay cool and comfortable. Make sure pets always have water available to them while outside so they can stay hydrated and healthy. Fill up an outdoor box with pet toys too, so that there’s always something you can throw or play tug-of-war with. Pet owners know that their four-legged friends are a part of the family, so make sure to include them in your social space. 

Set up an outdoor space that works for the whole family and you’ll all enjoy the summer together. To get excited for the upcoming sunny days, see the 5 Product That Have Us Screaming for Summer.

Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins, Pixabay, Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash