Bright Life Studio was created for women {and men!} to have an invaluable space for trying, failing, creating, and succeeding. And really, when you think about it, what else exists in life than each of those things? All too often, we are compared to others, hard on ourselves, and listening to advice from strangers on how to be real. BLS allows you to be comfortable with who you are AND confidence in who you are.  Their message is simple: Boldy Be You.

Meet Katy

This week, we are getting to know 1/3 of the writing staff at Bright Lite Studio. Along with her co-authors, Meredith & Kyla, Katy enjoys empowering people to be the best versions of themselves. Katy is a marketing consultant who lives for a good deadline. According to her, the thrill of creating something and seeing it take off is the ultimate passion-sharing career. She comes to the blogging world with a background in social media, writing, and photography and works in comfy pants daily. She is married to the man of her dreams, of whom she enjoys daily laughs with.

Before you head over to her wonderful websitetake a few minutes to get to know more about the Katy Horst, one of the authors at Bright Life Studio!

Who do you see as your ideal audience?

My ideal audience is women who are ages 18-35.

What are 3 things you can’t live without on a weekly basis?

Bible reading, hugs from the hubs, Aldi.

What are you passionate about?

I’m super passionate about providing women with a safe space to be bold. The world needs more encouragement, don’t you think?

Tell us where you are with your blog right now: Just a hobby? Part time gig? Full time money-making-machine? What are your long term website goals in one sentence?

Currently, my blog is a side-hustle, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it becoming my full-time job. Writing about what I love? Yup, that sounds ideal.

Katy even agreed to play along with one of our “Spotlight Series games” that we play with all of our featured guests. Check it out below!

  1. Laundry….. room
  2. Saturday mornings….. are peaceful
  3. I like to drink…. chai tea
  4. Music… for my soul
  5. Love… others
  6. Hate…what is evil
  7. The perfect season is… fall
  8. Food…. is so delicious
  9. Exercise is… vital for a healthy lifestyle
  10. Duck, Duck… goose (yes, probably a generic answer)

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