Becoming a parent is an incredible experience that cannot easily be put into words. It is also a journey: one where you will learn a lot of things along the way. You will learn about how to be the best mom you can be. You will also learn about the stresses and difficulties that come with being a parent. Plus, you will learn a lot about yourself in the process too. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the things that no one tells you about being a mom.

You will gain new friends and you will lose friends

Becoming a mom has an impact on your friendship circles. Such a big change enables you to connect with people that you never thought you would. Being a parent creates strange alliances. Sadly, on the other side of this, some of your friendships may fall by the wayside once you have children. Naturally, your lifestyle changes once you have kids and this can cause you to drift apart from some of your friends that do not have children.

You will realize that nothing goes according to plan

All babies are different. They all react in different ways and they all have unique personalities. So, while you can read hundreds of different textbooks and websites, you will never fully be prepared for what comes your way. No matter whether it is breastfeeding or the transition from swaddling, you are bound to experience a set of unique challenges that you weren’t prepared for. Of course, your baby will also shock and delight you in other ways too.

Your baby will eventually insult you

This beautiful little life that you have created, nurtured, and given your everything for is going to insult you at some point. Nothing prepares you for the moment when you’ve spent ages creating a special cake a treat for your little one only for them to throw it on the floor. There will be times of sadness, anger, tantrums and unkind words. There will also be moments of unbelievable beauty.

Your house will never be clean again

One thing that you will soon learn about having a child is that your house will never be clean again. No matter how much you try, you cannot stop brightly colored and oversized toys from taking over your home and ruling the roost. There will likely be moments where you look around your home and wonder if adults even live there. Another thing no one ever told you about being a mom? This too shall pass. You will one day get your home back.

You won’t know if you’ve done a good job for at least another 20 years

You will never truly know if the decisions you have made throughout your child’s life have had the impact that you were hoping them to have until they become an adult. You can have a pretty good idea of how things are going, but until your child is fully grown you will never really know the sort of person that you have helped to create. Parenting is such a powerful responsibility; one that it is easy to lose sight of when you’re caught in the trenches.

So there you have it, some of the things that no one tells you about being a mom. There is no denying that being a parent brings on a lot of surprises, but it is a journey that is so special and so amazing. Enjoy every moment of it!

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