People decide to turn vegan for a number of reasons. Perhaps they’re motivated by a love of nature (meat farming is a disaster for natural resources); or perhaps they watched one of the hard-hitting vegan documentaries, or perhaps they were convinced (forced into it) by their loving spouse. Whatever happened, they’re now vegan, and that means that all dairy products are off the menu! Veganism doesn’t just benefit animals and the planet; it also improves the life of the vegan, in a number of unexpected ways, as we’ll see below.

You Make New Friends

There are a few awkward moments when you first turn vegan. For starters, going out for a meal becomes more difficult. Not because there aren’t plenty of delicious vegan restaurants around (there are!), but because your friends don’t want to go to them. They’d prefer the local steak joint! In time, you’ll learn to only go to dinner with those friends when there’s a vegan option…and go to the delicious vegan spots with your new friends. Oh, we didn’t mention? You’ll find that you make new friends with fellow-vegans pretty quickly. It’s like joining a club, one that’ll one day hopefully include the whole world.

You Pay Less

If you’ve got an eye on saving money, then good news: vegans spend less money than carnivores. The price of a salad versus a hamburger at McDonald’s is not reflective of general trends! As a vegan, you will spend significantly less on your groceries, and can also spend less on things like your health insurance. There is one fact that’ll have you spending more money, but we think you’ll agree that it’s a price worth paying: vegans generally live longer than non-vegans.

Your All Around Health Improves

Cutting out that red meat doesn’t just spare innocent lives; it also improves your health. Whether red meat is good or bad for you has been up for debate for a while, but it does seem that vegans have a health advantage of the red meat eaters. You’ll have lower blood pressure, lower risk of cancer, lower chance of diabetes, and a lower opportunity of heart diseases too. So if you were hoping to a live a long and happy life, then a vegan diet might be for you. Oh, and some studies have also suggested that vegans are happier than non-vegans – which, apart from being a good emotion to possess, is instrumental in living a long life.

You Get Creative in the Kitchen

In the olden days, when you ate meat, you could get by with throwing a steak on the grill and boiling some vegetables. Not so anymore! While it’s slightly more difficult to prepare your meals, it’s also fun. You’ll find that you’re using a wider variety of ingredients than in the past. Your dishes will be more interesting, diverse, and you’ll find that your cooking skills greatly improve in no time at all.

So there you go. Don’t just turn vegan for the animals and nature: Do it for yourself!

Photo Credit: Pexels, Unsplash