I’ve been trying to make chocolate chip cookies for years and they just don’t turn out right.  I can follow the recipe on the back of that little yellow Nestle package right down to the teaspoon and it doesn’t matter.  I’ve tried the extra vanilla, the extra baking soda, the extra flour….. All a fail.  They turn out flat and crispy.  Yuck.  After giving up and deciding my children would only experience chocolate chip cookies when we visited other people’s homes, I grabbed a package of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and made a last ditch effort.  They turned out spectacular!  I haven’t analyzed the two so for all I know, there isn’t much difference but they DO work for me so I’m sticking with them!

I’ve also started freezing the dough in ready to go cookie balls so that we can have fresh warm cookies right from the oven….. On a weeknight!  Unheard of, right??  Great idea thanks to Pinterest!!  I drop the dough into balls on a cookie sheet and freeze, then put all the little balls into a freezer bag and pull out what we need for our after-dinner dessert…. Or late night mommy snack 🙂  YUM!!

Click here for the yummy Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!