Hosting a backyard party is definitely the best way to enjoy some sunshine and a big barbecue on a glorious summer day. All you need to do is set up your grill, grab a load of burgers and toppings and pop a few corks to get the party started. But how can you turn your average yard into the perfect garden for hosting? Check out the suggestions below to have the perfect backyard to host your next gathering.


It is surprising how many yards are completely ignored by their owners and either paved over completely or left to grow wildly. Gardening doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge if you have a few simple tricks up your sleeve. Start by making sure that you only use plants that agree with your environment and soil type. There’s really no point in wasting your money on a plant that enjoys damp shade if your garden is usually brightly lit and dry! Then, once you have a range of plants of different sizes, colours and shapes, lay them out in pots first to get a feel for how they look.

A lawn is usually an easy win and provides a large area of green you can enjoy. All you need to do is sprinkle plenty of seed onto the area and water generously to begin with. You can use sprinklers from to do the rest of the work throughout the year


A paved patio is the best way to lead from the house to the backyard entertainment area and is also the best place for your barbecue to live. You could also install a pizza oven if al fresco parties are your thing! And let’s be honest, isn’t everyone a fan of great pizza?

Building a curving path will lead your guests through the rest of the garden and create a journey to enjoy. You could use simple stepping stones around the lawn or lay a permanent paved path instead. Putting taller plants inside the curves will create a screening effect that will definitely make people feel curious enough to find out what is going on behind.


Finally, you should make sure that your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit. Low walls are ideal for creating raised beds and all you need to do is pop some cushions on top to create instant seating. Alternatively, you could add some garden furniture like a bench or metal chairs.

In the summer heat, a bit of shade is also a good idea. You could use a large umbrella to create shade or you could build a pergola and grow vines over it to create an organic shade that looks and smells amazing. One last alternative is to hang large sheets of fabric between posts to create a shaded area and add some color to the backyard space too.

The perfect garden might sound like a lot of effort but it is really just a case of setting everything up and letting the plants do their thing. You might need to spend a day or two in fall and spring to tidy up, but other than that, all you’ll need is a mojito in your hand and suncream on your nose!

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Photo Credit: Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash, Photo by Joel Clements on UnsplashPixabay