Spring is in the air. The Minnesota winter is thawing, and we’re all anxious to be outside. It is officially time to bring down the bikes, open up the sandbox, and set up the pool. Okay, okay, I may be getting a little ahead of myself on the pool idea. Either way, the warm air has been inviting us outside and we’re taking advantage of sunny skies and spring jacket weather.

One of our favorite new toys is an electric ride on motorcycle dirt bike with training wheels from Best Choice Products.

Our family found this to be the perfect starter dirt bike. The kids loved that it goes at the push of a button, my husband loved that it was easy to charge in the evenings (battery and charger included), and this mama appreciated the training wheels to balance it out and make it nearly impossible to tip and flip my favorite human beings. The dirt bike is recommended for ages 5 and up, so our 5-year old got to be the first one to saddle up. She LOVED it. The training wheels were perfect for keeping her balanced, and able to concentrate on the fun aspects – The working horn that makes real sounds, steering on her own, and pushing a button to accelerate to speeds that only a 5-year old can reach. Ohhhhhhh, the power!!!!

She, of course, had to share, because…. Siblings.

Next to helmet up and jump on was our 7-year old. My taller-than-average 2nd grader looked a little goofy on the bike, and his weight slowed the overall speed down, but he had a blast as he giggled and raced and asked for “ONE MORE TIME, PLEASE!!!

Next up was my toddler. My two-year-old, who often mistakes herself for a teenager, wouldn’t dare miss out on this opportunity. If she were to carve her life mantra out on wood, it would most definitely read, “Anything you can do, I can do better. And faster. And have more fun doing it.” Although I was nervous and never more than a hot breath away, she did great on it. Even as a little peanut for her age, she was able to ride without a problem, could reach the pedals, and steer it independently. She preferred having a sibling nearby to help push the button while she steered, and I preferred having someone nearby because, well, she’s two. 

Her only wish, as you can see in the video, is that she wanted it to “go faster.” What can I say? This girl has a need for speed

The bike does require assembly, but it was easily put together. All you need to add is a helmet and the kids will have hours of fun! This is truly a family toy that we will enjoy for years to come.

About the Dirt Bike

The BCP Dirt Bike has plastic parts and can hold up to 44 lbs. The overall dimensions are 39″ (L) x 23″ (W) x 26″ (H). The included battery is a rechargeable 6V 4.5Ah, which has a 1-2 hour run time. It is easily chargeable at night through the AV charger, while kids are recharging with sleep.

Mojitos & Munchkins received free product in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are mine, and mine alone.