Oh, pregnancy cravings, how odd you are!
One of my husband’s favorite craving stories thus far is referred to as “the chicken pesto panini disaster.”   After having eaten one the previous week at our church cafe, I couldn’t get it out of my head.  Subsequently, I sent my husband on a mission to areas of the grocery store he had never before visited.  $26 later, he had all of my very specific ingredients – From fresh mozzarella to crusty sour dough bread to fresh pesto to seasoned chicken breasts.  After compiling the ingredients, I was ready to make my much anticipated chicken mozzarella pesto panini…. Only the thought of it now sends me into dry heaves.
Fast forward just 3 short days later and I decided that I NEEDED pizza hut pizza.  Not only did this mean scrapping the original menu of ham, mashed potatoes and homemade noodles, but I went the exact opposite route of home cooked meal in exchange for a chain store greasy pie.  The day was full of morning sickness and nausea so in retrospect, I don’t even know how/ why I thought pizza sounded even remotely edible.  $22 later, I could barely swallow a few bites of the Canadian bacon that I had thought sounded so great just 15 minutes prior.  Another cravings bust….
Thus far….. Cravings have cost me $48 and that is just in the last week.
Another rarity that could only be understood by a fellow mother-to-be….. I go from puking one second to craving Doritos the very next.  NOT normal!