Your child’s birthday is coming up, and you’re stumped on birthday ideas. What theme should it be? How many kids should you invite? Better yet, how do you make it a birthday your child will continue to talk about in years to come? Here are some ideas to get you in the birthday planning spirit!


Theme It Up

What does your child like? Are they interested in soccer, baseball, or another sport? What about a Disney character or movie? Then incorporate that interest into a birthday theme. For example, if your child loves soccer, why not buy a soccer piñata filled with sweets? Or if your child is a huge Frozen fan, why not have some Frozen-friendly games and crafts.

Why Having a Theme Makes Birthdays Fun for Kids and a Stress Reliever for Parents

For starters, your kid is going to have fun if you create a birthday party around one of his or her interests. It shows that you pay attention and value your child’s interests and want to throw an unforgettable party.

One other (not so obvious) reason themed birthdays are the way to go is that it makes planning easier on the parent’s part. Instead of trying to color match the balloons and streamers and pick out that one of a kind birthday invitation and cake, you have your work cut out for you. For example, if your child loves The Incredibles, instead of spending one, two (or several) sleepless nights figuring out the perfect birthday colors, you already can go with Incredibles-inspired red and yellow.

Don’t Forget to Include the Tasty Treats

Let’s face it, kids love sweets. Holidays and birthdays are a great time of year to celebrate with some yummy, tasty treats. And there are a number of ways sweets can help make your child’s birthday bash that much more fun.

Besides the cake, why not include some sweets (along with theme-inspired toys) into goodie bags, which will be passed out once the bday wraps up. As mentioned, having a piñata full of sweets can make your child’s bday that much more unforgettable. For more details about bulk sweets, consider checking out Sweet Services. And then let’s not forget cupcake making or other crafty-pastry tricks that takes birthdays to the next level. One more way to make your child’s bday party a blast!

Plan, Plan, Plan

A big part of giving your child an amazing bday is the planning. Without planning a couple weeks in advance, you risk not being able to book your first-choice venue or vendors. Also, what if you aren’t able to get party supplies until a week later? By planning in advance, you give yourself some time to solve any mishaps that may come up.

Final Thoughts

Planning your child’s birthday can get stressful, but know that your child’s smile at his or her birthday is the payoff. To lower stress levels, consider a themed birthday party and plan for venues and hire vendors weeks ahead of the celebration. Have any other tips? Be sure to leave a comment below.  

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