On the outside, everything looks and feels hunky dory. The engine is running smoothly and there’s no need for breakdown cover. But, it’s what’s happening under the hood that should interest you more. Lots of symptoms can fail to register, or people can ignore them and pass them off as insignificant. When this happens, you’re putting your health and well-being at risk. Thankfully, there’s no reason to trouble the doctor and add to their workload. After all, it might be nothing and you don’t want to waste time or money. So, here are four incredibly basic health checks you can use to monitor your health.

Blow Up A Balloon

A birthday party is always right around the corner and that means putting up decorations. Apart from making the room look pretty, it’s also a smart way to check your health. The key is to take a balloon and blow it up from scratch. How do you feel afterward? Dizzy and nauseous? Are you out of breath? As you can guess, these aren’t good signs and are symptoms of issues with the lungs. Or, it might be that you don’t get enough exercise and need to focus on cardio a little more. Either way, setting up a party should alert you to potential problems.

Ditch The Scales

Excessive weight gain tends to lead to heart disease as well as high cholesterol and blood pressure. Not only that, but fat can lead to the early onset of a stroke. So, it’s essential to maintain a steady and healthy weight throughout your life. However, the last thing you should do is jump on the bathroom scales as they say nothing about the body-to-fat ratio. Of course, you won’t have a BMI machine either, but you do have a measuring tape so check your stats and compare them to the previous months’. Another tactic is to use calipers to monitor your fat percentage.

Can You Repeat That?

Is that a question you ask on a regular basis? If it is, there’s a high chance your hearing is slowly declining. It’s tricky to spot at first, yet it’s the little things which are telling. For example, the volume on the TV set keeps getting louder and louder. Also, not being able to follow a conversation easily is another sign. A hearing aid might be necessary, which is scary and embarrassing. Don’t worry because general hearing aid FAQs tend to debunk a lot of the myths. No, you don’t have to wear it on the outside of your ear, and no it won’t cost a fortune.

Check Your Pee

Disgusting, right? But, urine tells a person a lot about their health. Dark pee means you’re dehydrated and need to drink more water, for instance. Pee with blood in it suggests there is a problem with the prostate. In this case, speak to a doctor ASAP. There’s no need to analyze it thoroughly; have a glance and look for the basics.

Who needs a doc when you’ve got this basic health advice?

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Photo Credit: Belly with tape measure, purple balloons, Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash, Photo by Jaron Nix on Unsplash, Photo by Crew on Unsplash