A morning person, I am not. However, my recent discovery of Driven Coffee has perked me up and given me encouragement in getting out of bed in the morning. Let me set the scene – I have three young children at my house. They wake up looooooong before I’d like to, so when my feet hit the ground there’s no turning back. There is no gradual release from my slumber to my day. It is a full throttle, guns a barreling, take-no-prisoners mentality to the day.

How Do I Take My Coffee?

I can’t claim to be a coffee connoisseur. I don’t know the intricacies of the beans, the roasting procedures, or the origin of the coffee plant.

What I do know is taste. I have tried my fair share of coffees, and – full disclosure here – I take my coffee foo foo style. I have historically needed frothed milk and syrups to choke down the caffeinated elixir that gives me the energy I need to stomach my day. I have recently graduated to a simple “cream and sugar” request on occasion, and with that, feel more like a grown-up than ever before.

To answer the question How do I take my coffee? the answer is FROTHED. Stay tuned in the weeks to come for an easy-to-follow (and easily doable!) recipe on making your very own latte at home. 

Why Driven?

Unique single and blend options. Their website is user-friendly and helpful when locating your ideal coffee. From blends to decaf choices, from single origin to light/ medium and dark roast. There are choices aplenty. 

Free shipping. No fine print. No exceptions. Always a rule.

Shipped to your door. Each order is packed and delivered within 24 hours. Driven cares deeply about fresh coffee, and what isn’t to appreciate about that? Each online order is carefully packed

Charity. Driven Coffee believes in making an impact on the world. 5% of profit on all web sales will be donated to their partner causes, including Second Harvest Heartland, United Way, Feed My Starving Children,

Fundraising Options. When it comes to fundraising, I know I would definitely appreciate putting my money towards fabulous coffee than wrapping paper or popcorn.Tell me I’m not alone here?? For the youth group, dance team, or baseball banquet in your life, you have to check it out. And when you do, let me know and I just might make a purchase from your favorite Cub Scout. Options even include personalizing a logo right on the coffee bag itself. Cool, huh? For more info on their fundraising, check here.

The Story Behind Driven Coffee

I’m a sucker for a good story, and this is a story I love. It is one of commitment, teamwork, building relationships, philanthropy, and being driven to make a differenceThis is a small business located in Chaska, Minnesota. I am so happy to have them as neighbors!!

Who Wants to Try It?

Local. Driven is currently in Coopers Foods in Chaska, MN as well as Hy-Vee in Savage, MN

Online. Why waste the gas when it can come right to your door? Remember, shipping is free. Check out their coffee options here. Wholesale options are also available. 

GiveawayI will be hosting a giveaway for TWO bags of Driven Coffee soon. For information, and to be notified on how to enter the giveaway, sign up to receive my monthly newsletters (at the bottom of this page)! 

To Each Their Own

After a friend gave me a promo code to try out this local coffee, I fell in love. While I am excited to try additional flavors, I have two current favorites:  Impact Espresso and Colombia Excelso.

Impact Espresso. This blend is my dream come true for my morning lattes. It is a dark roast combining four different beans. It has a taste that is rich and sweet, yet a finish that is strong and bold. 

Colombia ExcelsoThis is a medium roast coffee with a creamy, nutty taste and a clean, smooth finish. It is bold without being overbearing and it is hard to stop with just one mug. 

If you try Driven Coffee, which I definitely recommend, I’d love to hear from you!! Let me know what selections you try and what you think. 

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Photo Credits: Mojitos and Munchkins, Erin Holloran Photography