I love to party plan, host, and execute a fun kids’ birthday party like nobody’s business. Historically, this hasn’t always come to fruition without stress and a temper tantrum or two – from ME of course, not my children. With each party, I’ve realized that my kids don’t know what they are missing, only what they are getting. Likewise, I’ve realized guests are truly there for the birthday cutie and not the pomp and circumstance that surround said cutie. Lastly, I’ve realized to back the heck off from the crazy choo choo express and just chill. 

And chill I did…. So much so that I barely got any pictures of my sweet daughter’s recent third birthday party. I can honestly say I lived in the moment and soaked up as much happiness and joy from my sweet cherub as I possibly could. And you know what? It paid off. 

Midway through the party, Gretchen spontaneously hugged me and said, “Mommy, I love my birthday party. And I love my bouncy house. And I just love you.” {Insert exploding heart.}

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