No matter how busy you are, there is one thing that absolutely¬†must be done every single day. EATING is both a staple for fueling your body with energy, and an important time to build relationships and connect with one another over a shared meal. If you have to carve out the time anyway, there is no better time spent than with family. Don’t wait for a holiday or festivity to hold hands around the table, either. Families that eat together have strengthened bonds and are able to connect with one another during the dinner time rush.

  • Make time, even if that time has a hard and fast start and end time. 20 minutes is better than zero.
  • Sitting together as a family is a great opportunity to model table manners, pleasantries, and dialogue about how one has spent their day
  • Everyone knows that lima beans are scary and gross and EWWWW. But what if you noticed everyone around you eating them… And not complaining. Maybe, just maybe, you’d want to try a lima bean too.
  • Just as we connect with co-workers over happy hour, and extended family over a Thanksgiving turkey, this is our daily chance to¬†be together, share a conversation, and make memories.

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