Welcome to intentional living at its’ finest, 31 days at a time. I am a stressed-out mama of three, currently on a leave from my elementary classroom. My hope during this time away is to slow down life, live in the moment, and minimize the clutter in our lives in place of being present with our young children. 

Join me on this journey as I embark on 31 Days of Intention: Providing PRESENCE over PRESENTS

Day 1: 31 Days of Intentional Living (An Introduction)

Day 2: Presence Over Presents

Day 3: Presence in Parenting, Despite the Distractions

Day 4: The ONE Thing That You Must Start Doing With Your Family. TODAY.

Day 5: The 3 Questions I Ask My Kids Every Night… And Why

Day 6: My Story. The Unexciting Life of a Completely Normal Person

Day 7: You Know You’ve Been Living in the Moment When…

Day 8: Family Journals

Day 9: Being Present: Stop What You’re Doing and READ

Day 10: The Helpless Feeling of Loss

Day 11: The Time My Intentionality Made Me Fail

Day 12: Taking Time To Appreciate

Day 13: Choosing to Walk

Day 14: Why I Let My Kids Destroy My Kitchen

Day 15: Family Fun Days: Doable Ideas for Any Family

Wait, but where is day 16? Why did it stop at day 15? Here, we see what happens when you make it to day 16 and get totally sidetracked! You can either stress and beat yourself up OR you can laugh, put your palm on your face, and say… Maybe next year! I chose the latter.

Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned to see if I can make it a FULL MONTH next year! Do you think you could do it? Do you think you could write quality content for a full 31 days in a row – No breaks. Let’s do it together. Next year. 

I have accepted the 31 Day Challenge and I would love for you to join me! Comment below with your page so I can check it out!