I just had the best experience shopping for clothes for my three – count them, THREE, children.
Imagine this: I got to casually and calmly browse clothing. For three kids. Without getting a sitter. Without leaving my house.
With a stylist searching for options exclusively for my little ones. 
stress. No snacks. No problem. Thanks to Kid Things, I kept my cool and scored some majorly cute finds for my cuties.

What is Kid Things?

In short, Kid Things is a convenient way for busy parents to purchase clothing for their children. If Stitch Fix and Amazon Prime were to have a love child, this would be it. And there would be no face-to-face family get-togethers, only texting relatives from the and privacy of your own screen, and surprise birthday presents arriving at your door. Ah. To live in the digital age is truly a beautiful thing.

Convenient. Everything takes place through convenient texting. Whether you’re between meetings, at swim lessons, or waiting in the carpool line, this is a super convenient way to shop. You send messages, and check messages, when it is convenient for YOU. Kids Things has an extended timeframe of “working hours.” However, if the middle of the night is your time of productivity, send the message and you’ll hear back once they are online in the morning.

Personalized styling. With Kid Things, you will be paired with a stylist that works exclusively with you. Given your child’s personality, interest, and style, your new BFF will personalize and choose outfits that work best within your budget.

Free shipping. All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. Yay for free shipping!

Great brands. Brands include Appaman, Andy & Evan, Coccoli, Nui, Busy Bees, Blu Pony Vintage, Masala Baby, E-Land Kids, Teela, and Svaha. These are quality brands that are made to last.

Kids of all ages. Stylist work with you to accommodate children from infants through age 9.

Charity. For every $100 that you spend, a donation will be made on your behalf to Educare.  Educare is a non-profit company that will provide school supplies to a child in need.

What I loved

Shopping during my spare moments. As a mom, I utilize each and every spare moment I can grasp. Having someone else do the shopping and locating items made it easy for me to just pick and choose which items I wanted to purchase. 

Budget conscience. Because prices were always visible with products, there weren’t any surprises. Also, because I was able to view my cart and take time making my selections, I wasn’t rushed at check-out to make sure I stuck to budget.

Personal connection. I went back and forth with my stylist like we were old buddies. I felt completely comfortable saying that something wasn’t quite the look I was hoping for and asking her to find alternatives. And guess what? My ability to communicate that to her helped her to better understand my child, and therefore find the perfect clothes. By the end of our shopping spree, it felt natural to ask Michelle out for happy hour drinks! Seriously.

No pressure. There wasn’t a single time that I felt pressured to purchase anything. Not once. Everything was kept low key and casual. I told her about my kids, she shopped, she sent me pictures of her choices, I countered with more information about my kids, she shopped some more, she asked questions, she sent more pictures, I told her what I loved and wanted to order, she sent me my final cart to preview, I changed my mind and added just one more thing because it was too cute to pass up, she changed my cart and resent it, I approved, she invoiced me. Done. 

Secure payment. Kid Things relies on PayPal and Shopify to finalize orders, so I felt comfortable the secure throughout the transaction.

Returns guaranteed. If a size doesn’t work, you will receive a full refund or credit for future purchases. 

Ideas for use

Growth spurt. As a mom, I watched in horror as my son’s pants seemed to shrink overnight. After a typical Tuesday night slumber, my 7-year old woke up with shirts that barely crossed his mid-drift and pants that can only be described as drafters. He doesn’t seem to notice or mind, but God help me, the rest of the world seesHello, Kid Things, can you help me? My kids grew!

Special event or holiday. Have you ever tried planning and corresponding outfits for multiple children for family photos? Or realized in the 11th hour that you forgot to get those Easter outfits. Fear not. Hello, Kid Things, can you help me? I have an event coming up!

Fresh eyes. My kids are all under the age of 7. Which means that I affectionately pick out and purchase 100% of what they have as options in their drawers. Sure, I think about their interests and personalities while choosing what to buy, but ultimately what lies in their dressers is dependent on my sense of fashion. Newsflash: I have none. I loved a fresh set of eyes casting their help my way! Hello, Kid Things, can you help me? Everything in my kids’ closets looks the same!

My experience

The process.  I really enjoyed the process of shopping with Kid Things. I can’t stress enough how quick and convenient it was. I can’t wait to get the products and share them with you as well! Stay tuned for part two! 

The conversation.  Below are actual screenshots of conversations with my stylist, Michelle. As you can, the conversation was always friendly, extremely laid back, and she listened to what I said in order to find the clothes that best matched my children. Although this is by no means the entire conversation, it gives you a sense for how it started, what information I shared, and the clothing choices that were selected. 

The clothing.  Below are a few screenshots of the carts that were sent my way, based on the information I gave to my stylist. As you can see, prices are always displayed the clothes are as cute as can be!

Visit Kid Things

To check out Kid Things for yourself, please visit their Website | Facebook | Instagram .

Disclaimer: Mojitos & Munchkins received free products in exchange for an honest review of the process and products. All opinions are mine.

Photo Credits: Mojitos & Munchkins, Kid Things