Now that the warmer weather is seemingly getting closer, it is important to enjoy some quality time with our families and enjoy being together. There are tons of different things you can do over the weekend to make the most of your time with family and here are a few to get you started.


On every child’s bucket list for summer holidays is a trip to the local theme park to ride on scary roller coasters, get soaked on the log ride and lunching on cotton candy and ice cream. You can find more info on plenty of theme parks and attractions which will suit every age group and every personality. If you’re looking for more budget friendly options than the pinnacle of Disneyland, there are several other amazing parks all over the world to enjoy and explore. You could even make it a tradition by visiting a new park every year!


Sometimes the weather is just too nice to be stuck indoors or spending the sunshine hours locked in a museum. One of the most enjoyable things you can do on a summer’s day is pack up some sandwiches, snacks and drinks to enjoy as you explore the great outdoors. There is nothing more satisfying than exploring a place in the countryside you’ve never been before. You can spend the day teaching your kids about nature and then have a lovely picnic at the top of a mountain or by a lake. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen with you as well as a ball to play with as you eat!


Every child loves to look at wild animals. There is something fascinating about these unknown animals and will always get kids excited! You can take your children to go see some of the most amazing creatures on the planet as well as learn about them in shows throughout the day.

To save money during your zoo visit, pack a lunch from home and snacks. Most zoos have ample seating space and allow you to bring your own food.


If you are experiencing a rainy day, you can make the most of being in the same four walls and make the day fun! If you are willing to brave the rain to go to your local store, you can pick out snacks like popcorn, chocolate and nachos to have at home. When you get back home, declare that it is time to start having a pajama day, move all of the furniture back against a wall, set out a bunch of blankets and pillows and black out the windows with paper. Choose your favorite family film and have a proper cinema experience at home with the people you love! Or set up a show all of your own to watch. From dance shows to family karaoke to magic shows, the sky is the limit.

Other options for a rainy day are to raid your arts and crafts cupboard and make art to hang on the walls. It will be super fun for you all and it means that you can make a blank wall in the house look much more attractive than it did before.

If you are brave enough you can even spend the day in the kitchen with your children baking or teaching them how to cook simple things such as bread or pasta. It can be a learning curve for them and you will all have something to eat at the end of it!


If you fancy a trip somewhere that is both historical and fun, a castle is the ultimate imagination fuel for you and your children. Children love to learn and they love fantasy. You can make a fun day of it by bringing them to historic reenactments and letting them truly feel like they are a part of history. It is a magical thing and will be something your children will remember. There are a huge number of stunning castles all over the U.K. and if you live stateside, you can visit historical sites and museums.


If you want to make a day extra fun and try something a little bit different, head on over to your local park. You would be amazed at what hiding some fun clues and having a motivational prize at the end can do for setting the stage for fun. Once you have the treasure hunt set up, let your kids loose with the first clue and see how long it takes them to find everything! This could also be something you do around your house or in the backyard too. It will be super fun for the kids and give you some peace and quiet for a while. Grab a coffee to watch the fun, or a camera to photograph the journey.


There are plenty of great working farms that produce fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs for sale. It means you can go around and pick your own fruit and vegetables to eat. The best time of year for this is in September where you can go out and pick a pumpkin for Halloween! It’s a fun day out which teaches the kids about how food is grown and sold.


If you want to have fun solving a giant puzzle for a few hours, you can visit a corn maze and have fun trying to find the exit to a complex, colossal maze. It would be something that will require your greatest detective skills and patience, but it will also be super fun for everyone! Check your area for options! In the midwest you are limited to fall corn mazes, but in other locations you will find year-round options.


There is nothing which says a summer’s day more than a visit to the beach in the sun. You can pack plenty of suncream, spare clothes, some water and plenty of change for ice cream. You can spend the day either walking the beach or sitting in the sun as the kids play in the water. If your kids are a little younger you can even take them rock hunting, teach them how to build sand castles and teach them about crabs and other seas creatures (depending on your location). Finish off the day with an ice cream cone and your perfect summer day is complete!

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Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins