A onesie to an infant is as synonymous as the chocolate chip is to a cookie. If the littlest person in your life is going to wear a onesie anyway, why not get them the best onesie on the block? Starlight Baby offers just that. Quality onesies that are adorable, funny, and memorable. You could even get your very own Mojitos & Munchkins onesie, which is simply TO DIE FOR in my humble opinion. {Cute toddler not included. Ha.}

What is Starlight Baby?

Helping Your Little Star ShineWe all know that babes are the star of a room. Dress them in an adorable onesie and the ooooohs and aaaaaaahs grow audible. Starlight Baby is an online community that not only sells great products, but has a strong emphasis on partnering together to make this life as great as it can be for the little people in your life. From free articles to answering life questions, this is a store that is more than just selling things.   

Why Starlight Baby?

In a world where we are blessed with many options when it comes to baby gear, why not choose a company that stands for something? 

AffordableStarlight Baby offers onesies and safety gear at an affordable price. 

CreativeWhile perusing their online store, I found myself smiling, laughing out loud and thinking “Oh, that’s great!” more than a few times. Their onesies are creative and imaginative, just like you want your kiddos to be.

QualityI love these onesies. They are made of high-quality material, and the printing on them is bright and clear. How am I qualified to judge the quality of a onesie you might ask? I am a mother to three human beings. ‘Nuf said.

Free shippingBecause who doesn’t love a company that supports you getting the most out of your dollar?

Guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t pleased with your product – which I wouldn’t count on – Starlight Baby has a 30-day return policy on all products.

James McAllister, CEO of Starlight Baby

This is a fun game that we play with any of our blogging friends that are being featured on Mojitos & Munchkins. When I asked Starlight Baby CEO, James McAllister, to play along, he did so with zero hesitation. Which made me love Starlight Baby even more than I already did.

1. Laundry….. Can wait until tomorrow.

2. Saturday mornings…. I’m in the office. I can’t bring myself to stop, I love the work we’re doing!

3. I like to drink…. Too much coffee. I should probably cut back a little bit.

4. Music… Beatles!

5. Love… is life’s greatest source of happiness.

6. Hate… is a waste of mental energy. Focus on the good!

7. The perfect season is… Spring! Life everywhere, it’s beautiful.

8. Food… Strawberries!

9. Exercise is… important!

10. Duck, Duck… Goose!

I was excited to do an interview with James, and am excited to share his answers with you. As you can tell, James is a genuine man who cares deeply for those closest to him and the world around him. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with his company and wish them all the best!!

Question: When was Starlight Baby born?

Starlight Baby is still a baby in itself! We started in May of 2016 so we’re still quite new and still quite small, but there’s a lot of excitement ahead!

Question: How was the mission of Starlight Baby conceived?

It’s an interesting story because I’m probably the last person you would’ve expected to start a baby product company. The truth is, I’ve been running online businesses since I was 14. By 16 I was being contacted by television networks and by 18 things had really blown up. I’m 20 now. I only say this because it plays such a huge part in my story.

I grew up in a very poor household. I never considered myself to live in poverty, but we had to plan our showers around the times we actually had warm water and I remember not being able to fall asleep at night because we had no heat. If I’m honest, it wasn’t a very nice way to live. Because of this, I grew up with a feeling that having money would solve all of my problems. If I just had money, everything would be alright. If I had money, I’d be happy.
And I started getting it. My main business at the time, selling training courses to bloggers and marketers, had taken off. People kept saying all of these nice things about me, which was weird because I didn’t think I had done anything particularly special. But something was still missing.

Then something happened that truly changed my life more than the work ever could have. Unexpectedly, I ended up taking in a child. Slowly but surely, we ended up developing a parent-child bond. Out of nowhere, I ended up taking on a parental role for somebody who’s never had that before. And that is when everything changed. I could not believe how much everything changed. How much I had changed, and my values had changed.

Suddenly, I was experiencing feelings of love, joy, and pure happiness that I never even knew were possible. Suddenly, nothing else mattered as much to me anymore. Suddenly, I felt like I had nothing more I needed to chase. For the first time in my life I felt like I had everything I wanted.

But as quickly as she came, she was gone. I had wanted more than anything to adopt her. Yet against both of our wishes, it did not work out, and we have not seen each other in a very long time. It ruined me, and I’ll admit that I still haven’t fully coped with it. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through by far, and I would do anything to get those years back. Unfortunately I can not.

What I can do though is help other families who are struggling. In order to feel truly fulfilled, you need to do work that aligns with your values. If I can help even one family become closer, than everything I do is worth it. I cherish nothing more than the little memories I made during those years that I had with her, and nobody should ever have to experience what it’s like to lose a child or have a family fall apart.

We’ll never be able to fix all of the problems in the world, but we can all help in small ways. Helping families and helping children fulfills me in a way that nothing else can anymore. Starlight Baby was born not out of a want, but out of a need, and I carry that with me into the workplace every day.

Question: According to your website, you donate a percentage of your profit to children’s charities. Can you please tell us which charities and how that works?

Of course! At the end of each quarter we take a look at how much money we’ve brought in and a percentage of what’s left over goes to St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Each Starlight Baby employee also receives an equal credit and can use that towards any children’s charity of their choice. It drives all of us to work hard because we all want to help and everyone here loves working towards a cause they care about.

My long term goal is to be able to open up the number of charities we donate to, but unfortunately we just aren’t making enough right now for that to be possible. One day we’ll be donating to charities supporting a lot of different causes (health, poverty, education, adoption etc.) so this keeps me very driven to keep pushing on. Opportunities like this one, to be here on Mojitos & Munchkins really go a long way towards helping a lot of people so I would like to thank you for it!

Finally I’d love to get involved with more directly. Later this year we’re going to look into partnering with hospitals and treatment centers to provide clothing and other baby products directly to those in need. I’m very excited for it!

Question: There are so many options in the baby/ children’s product industry. What makes Starlight Baby stand out from the rest?

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it’s our people over profit, give-first mentality. I’m not just talking about the charities or the free resources we provide to parents either. Working at the heart of the baby product industry, you learn a lot of very scary things. I’ll never forget developing our first product – a set of pacifier clips. When I asked the factory if I could arrange some of the finished clips to be sent to a laboratory for safety testing, their response shocked me – “Nobody has ever asked of this. I will speak with my manager.” When I asked to arrange an inspection of the products before they were shipped here, again I was met with confusion.

The clips turned out to be perfectly safe, but the fact that nobody else had bothered to check prior to selling them is very scary to me. What if they had dangerous chemicals in them? What if they fell apart during use and ended up hurting someone? It’s tough having to drop a supplier after working with them for months (and we have,) but why aren’t more companies having their products tested? We think about we’d want as parents and operate based around that. A lot of the bigger companies are so absorbed with profit that they forget that their job is to make people’s lives easier. Having lost a child, I know what truly matters. We don’t just want to make money, we want to make a difference.

Question: Of all of the products you sell, which is your absolute favorite? And why?

Tough question! My favorite product is one that’s not actually out yet – an interactive course that helps guide women through their first pregnancy. We know there’s a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and questions surrounding the entire process. We’re developing something that can take women by the hand and guide them through from beginning to end.

Our goal is to eliminate the need to ever buy a pregnancy book. Because courses can be updated at any time and can be supported by things like video and interactivity, we believe it will be more effective than books at guiding women through their pregnancy.

One of my favorite things about working at Starlight Baby is the great people I get to meet along the way. If you’re a blogger and would like to help spread the word about it (or anything I mentioned in this interview) please email me directly at James@Starlight-Baby.com and I’ll be happy to work with you. If not, you’re still welcome to email me at any time as I’m always happy to chat!

Thanks again for this opportunity April and to all the readers here at Mojitos & Munchkins – your support goes a long way towards helping a lot of people!

For more information on Starlight Baby, visit them at their Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Disclaimer: Mojitos & Munchkins received free product in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions expressed are mine.