Mental health issues continue to increase as years pass by. Is it a coincidence that this is happening now that technology is already conquering the different industries including the personal lives of the people? Maybe not. There is research pointing to social media and the number of hours spent in front of screens in connection with depression and other mental health concerns.

Now that this problem is being treated as a pressing issue, there are different mental health myths that should also be debunked. This will help in the proper understanding of the issues being confronted by many people who are emotionally and psychologically challenged. Here are some of the mental health myths that you probably believe {but should not}:

Children don’t experience mental health problems

It is a myth to believe that children do not experience mental health problems because they are still young. Studies have shown that one 1 out of 10 children experience mental health problems. What is sad about this is that almost 70% of cases related to this are not being resolved during their childhood. Children can experience depression, anxiety and other disorder even at a young age. This is a response to what is happening around them. If the child is growing up in a toxic and problematic environment, he or she may develop a mental health concern.

Parents also need to take care of the emotional wellbeing of their children. They need to have a happy environment where the adults are showing support not only to their physical development but also to their emotional growth.

Mental illness is a lifelong disability

It is absurd to believe that a certain mental illness is something that you will be experiencing as long as you live. There are treatments and even therapies that will help you get out of the mental health condition that you are experiencing. There are instances when patients are asked to take medicines but it should not go on for more than a year. These medicines may cause withdrawal syndromes that may be worse compared to the mental illness. This is also why most patients are asked to undergo therapy and counseling before they will be given medicines. If the former works for them, they do not really have to go to another level.

You don’t need therapy, just take a pill

Most people become very dependent to medication which is not supposed to be the first thing that you should consider for mental health condition. Just like having a custom meal plan when you are exercising, there is a need for a step by step assessment when you are experiencing depression, anxiety or other conditions that are related to mental health. The first thing to be considered is a therapy. This is the first step that will not only help you deal with the condition but will also help you learn to cope as time passes by.

The effect of the pill is suppressive. It is something that is only recommended if the condition is already out of control and there is a tendency for the patient to harm himself if he or she is not going to be controlled. It is an option but this should not be the first thing to be considered. There are therapeutic activities that your psychologist can provide. The pill should only come if the therapy does not work for you.

People with mental health conditions are violent and dangerous

Not all people who are experiencing mental health problems are dangerous and violent. This is one of the myths that should be thrown outside the window because it tends to discriminate the ones who are having a problem. You would not know if the person is having a mental health issue just by looking at his or her actions. There are other symptoms that are not obvious. You should not fear these people. They need help and assistance.

Depression is caused by low serotonin levels

It is not true that depression is caused by some hormonal problem. This condition is mostly a reaction of people to what it happening around them. There are different situations when people experience failure and frustration. There are also moments of loss and uncertainty. It may aggravate to fear and then later on result to depression. It is the environment that mostly affects a person’s mental health. It is not really caused by the serotonin level. The need for a personal or individual diagnosis is something that can help you understand the real reason for a person’s depression.

Electroshock therapy is painful and inhumane

Electroshock therapy is one of the oldest ways of dealing with people whose mental health condition is already extreme. It is something that helped many people who are dealing with extreme bipolar and unipolar depression even many years ago. It is not as painful as what is being portrayed in some fictional movies. It is not inhumane as many people believe. It is something that is provided for patients who can no longer live a normal life because of their condition. It is the last option of those who can no longer take the pain caused by what it happening to them as a result of their mental health concern.

Depression will make you a burden to others

Lastly, people with depression should not look at themselves as burden for other people. This is one of the myths that lead people to committing suicide. It is not a person’s fault that he or she is experiencing depression. This is a product of the different problems that one is experiencing in his environment. These people who are experiencing depression should be assisted properly. They need the support of their family and friends. They should not be treated as a burden to the community. The need love during this time more than ever.

Mental health should be everyone’s priority. No one should be left behind because everyone needs the help of other people. Take care of your family and friends and stop believing the myths that will not really provide solution to the problem.


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