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If you’re looking for a beautiful vanity set like I was this holiday season, you’ll want to check out the Tri-Mirror Vanity set by Best Choice Products.

SIMPLE to build, QUALITY material, TOP NOTCH!

Who is this for?

This vanity set is elegant enough to be used in a master bathroom, but also simple enough to be used in a child or teenager’s room. Whether you put it in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room entry space, this vanity will enhance the look of any room.

What are the goods and bads?

Disclaimer: I tried to find even a simple fault as to not sound too “over the top” about the vanity, but the truth is, I love it! I simply cannot say enough about this vanity. I was expecting the cheaply made, build-yourself furniture that you typically find, but this was anything but! It was double boxed with premium packaging to ensure no nicks, cuts, scuffs or bruises. Once I dug out all the packaging, I realized (with great delight) that the bulk of the desk came pre-assembled. This product was built to perfection within minutes. The top unit (containing the vanity top and five drawers) was already built for me, leaving just the legs of the vanity and stool for me to assemble. A few quick screws to install the tri-mirror and BAM – Instant beauty!  The drawers are on the smaller side, but with five separate drawers, there is plenty of space to store everything you need. A bonus is the well built stool that accompanies it. It has plenty of padding for comfort and has quality legs that don’t wobble. The cherry-on-top is the tri-fold mirror that you can bend and set according to your needs. I would definitely recommend this top quality vanity. This was originally going to be for my daughter, but after I saw the quality, I might keep it for myself 🙂

Where can I get it?

You can buy this vanity set directly from Best Choice Products, or through Walmart or Sears. Prices vary, depending on site, so feel free to shop around.

What does it look like?

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This item was given to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The views and information provided in this post are 100% mine.