With every great vacation, comes a FINAL DAY. Final days of vacation are filled with soaking up those last sweet memories, the bittersweet feeling of the good that exists in front of you and the sadness that it is about to all change, and the frenzy of packing that consumes parents while kids are joyfully playing; seemingly unaware of the transition about to happen.

Today included last longing looks at the ocean that has served as our backyard for the previous 7 days. It brought about a stop to The Holy Donut, in Portland Maine, and road trip treasures that the kids opened to keep themselves busy. The day held us captive in our van for 14 hours which, surprisingly, weren’t horrible and included a screen free day of talking, singing, coloring, snacking and stories. We ended our day in Cleveland, where we stopped to rest and refuel before another day of driving.

Enjoy our video recap from our 17th day on the road. Loving this life of adventure and exploring!!

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Photo and Video Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins