Each time I see the ocean in person I am in awe. I stand in amazement at the vast landscape and the white saves. There is something peaceful and calming about the clapping of the water, and it transforms my soul. Watching my children take all of it in brought it to an entirely new level for me! They took it all in through waves of excitement and curiosity; asking questions, hopping over rocks, leaping over cracks, craning to see the ocean life left behind as the tide eased away. It was pure magic.

Added to the beauty of the ocean was our follow-up visit to a favorite lunch spot. Dare I say we’ve made a habit of stopping at the Lobster Shack as we drive into the state. In a sense, it is our way of saying we have officially arrived in Maine. We are here! Cape Elizabeth has small town pride, unforgettable views, and the best darn lobster you’ll ever taste!

From there, we headed to Phippsburg, Maine. This would be our home away from home for the duration of our time in Maine. It doesn’t just sound luxurious to say you’ve stayed at a house on the ocean. It IS. It’s as beautiful as it sounds. Sure, the tranquility isn’t there when you’re staying in a house with six children under the age of 9, but it has its’ moments.

Unforgettable Family Travel in Maine

Want to see more adventures? Our day spent at Niagra Falls was well worth the travel time!

Photo and Video Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins