What better way to celebrate a 45th anniversary than with personalized family shirts from Custom Ink! We surprised my in-laws with customized shirts. Then we proudly wore them around town while adventuring across Phippsburg, Maine and its’ surrounding areas. We got several compliments!

This is a day that we will always cherish as a family, and one that is spoken of often. We remember the rocks we skipped, the waves we ran into, the boulders we climbed. We remember being silly along the shoreline and looking out into the vast landscape of powerful bliss.

Phippsburg, Maine: An Unforgettable Day

We love traveling! Whether we are spending time in Chicago, Niagra Falls, or Toronto, we love to see the sights and see what the world has to offer! Where is your favorite place to travel?

Photo and Video Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins