Since my toddler was diagnosed with an egg and dairy allergy, the thought of going out to a restaurant seems almost impossible. Gone are the days of grabbing a pizza on the way home from work for a quick meal at the end of a busy day. The days of stopping at DQ for a quick summer treat are no more.

In our new world full of plan ahead meals, allergy mom websites, and egg substitution charts, it’s like a divine intervention when a restaurant posts an easy-to-read, no strings attached, mean-what-they-say-allergen-chart that is accessible, accountable and dependable.

Thank you Famous Dave’s for allowing us to go out as a family. Thank you to Famous Dave’s for allowing my daughter a safe environment in which she could eat alongside her siblings and feel “normal”. Thank you to the waitress who delivered a Mom’s nervous energy and anxiety about her baby’s safety to the kitchen. Thank you to the chef for using a fresh set of gloves while handling my dear child’s food and doing everything in your power to keep her safe. Thank you to the Famous Dave’s corporate office gods who posted the allergen chart on the website so I, as a concerned mom, could research and plan ahead. And seriously – Check this allergen chart out!! ┬áIt is a thing of pure beauty.

Famous Dave’s BBQ Allergen Guide