Do you ever have a feeling that you could be taking better pictures of your kiddos? Do you wish you remembered to pull your camera out more often? Are you interested in brushing up your photography skills while documenting your family?

Shoot Along, a year-long photography project for parents, is here to help!

Shoot Along was born the day that Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters, two Chicagoland photographers, realized they were falling behind on their goal of photographing their own families. In 2014, Amy and Heidi founded, an online photography project designed to give structure and accountability to busy parents of ALL photography levels. What began as a personal project has grown into a powerful, worldwide movement, offering support and motivation to parents in over thirty countries and six continents!

Shoot Along empowers parents to take better family photography in two ways:

Photography Instruction: Week-by-week photography lessons delivered by email. Learn new concepts, build on your existing skills, or embrace topics as inspiration to remain technically and creatively open-minded!

A Supportive Online Community: The Shoot Along Facebook Group is a supportive online community moderated by Deanne and Rebecca, two professional photographers. Members connect & share photography throughout the year. I’ve learned SOOOOO much by being active in the group!

I was first introduced to Shoot Along a few years ago. At the time, I had been the owner of a DSLR camera for over a decade and had never taken the time to explore it. I used it seasonally and would pull it out and expect my photos to be pure magic. Surprisingly, simply “using” a good camera didn’t amount to perfect pictures. Although I don’t claim to take perfect pictures 100% of the time now, I do know that I’ve improved immensely! I’ve been given so much help, support, and ideas through Shoot Along and I love it! My favorite part is the online community. I can reach out with questions, and more importantly, see what everyone else is shooting! I love the ideas and inspiration that I get by being a part of the online invite-only Facebook group. 
Be sure to follow my journey in pictures over at Instagram. Better yet, check out Shoot Along to join me in capturing the absolute best family moments the right way! Let’s go through the class together!!

Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins