Is your mood governed by your daily caffeine fix? Do you shun your little one’s outbursts until you’ve consumed your morning quota? Sometimes it feels as though caffeine is the only thing that keeps us sleep-deprived, emotionally-wrought moms going! And what do we do in the summer when the weather is simply too hot to sip a steamy coffee? Reach for cooling versions of our favorite beverage, of course…

Iced coffee is the traditional preference if you’re craving cold caffeine. By brewing coffee over ice, this instant beverage offers the familiar strong zing of coffee. However, over the last two years, the cold brew craze has hit. Once the merchandise of posh coffee shops, Starbucks and Peets have successfully made the drink a mainstream staple. So why is cold brew so alluring?

·         It offers a smooth, subtle and less acidic taste to iced coffee

·         It’s a healthy alternative with naturally sweet flavor

·         It’s a sophisticated product, requiring quality ingredients and a prolonged method of brewing

But despite the cold brew craze, the delights of iced coffee shouldn’t be forgotten! Read this insightful article on the comparisons between cold brew and iced coffee to discover how they contrast in flavor, ingredients and brewing methods.

Here in the Mojitos and Munchkins family we are evenly split between the two, with my preference going toward iced coffee and my hubby cold brew. Which do you prefer? Let us know!

Special thanks to Little Coffee Place for guest posting on our blog!

Photo Credit: Chris Abney