The Easter bunny will soon be hopping to your house. If you’re like me, this could go in one of two directions. I could either plan ahead with a little effort, or breeze through the Target candy aisle and grab anything in a wrapper with a bunny. In an effort to go with minimal candy choices in our baskets and give the kids things they can enjoy after the one day tummy ache, I have some great recommendations.

Fill Your Easter Basket with OOLY Creatives

One of our absolute favorite household brands is OOLY. They offer all things art and give children the tools they need to create with endless imagination. Each time I think they have come out with the coolest thing ever, they amaze me by bringing on something better. We love that they are constantly coming out with new products and that they keep giving us a reason to come back. OOLY offers ideas for all interests, ages, and genders.

Calling all monsters! These cute notepads are perfectly sized for tiny hands and come in an 8-pack of colorful options. They pair well with monster gel-pens that are more cute than scary, and have fun faces and googley eyes to keep kids excited about their note taking.

Monster Gel Pens | Monster 8-pack notepads


These watercolor pencils are ridiculously fun to work with. With a set of 36, all of your color needs will be met and the sky is the limit with what can be created. After you create your artwork with the colored pencils, simply add water with the included brush for an entirely new and fun effect.

Rainbow Doodlers Twist-Up Colored Pencils, set of 36


Easter basket fillers

What could be more fun than coloring a canvas and being proud of your work? Converting that canvas into a 3D inflatable toy that will allow for hours and hours of play. Whether you love music or cars, dragons or unicorns, there is a 3D colorable for you!

Dragon Shield & Sword | Magical Unicorn
Also be sure to check out Dinosaurs | Rockin’ Guitars | Radical Race Cars | Rescue Vehicles


Mistakes are welcomed, and even encouraged, when erasers are this cute! These spongy characters and shapes will put a smile on your child’s face regardless of the boo boo they made.

Stegosaurus Eraser | Dainty Donut Erasers
Also be sure to check out Macaron Scented | DIY Creatibles | Lil’ Juices Scented


Stickers are timeless and ageless and OOLY stickers are seriously cute. They are teeny, they are tiny, they are FUN. OOLY offers a variety of themes and ideas when it comes to their stickers.

OOLY Stickers: Itsy Bitsy Food & Drink | Parisien Dogs | Pooches


Chunkies are the perfect way to paint, with no water or brush needed. The paint is inside of the plastic barrel, and the barrel is large enough to be user friendly for even the smallest of fingers. The chunky design is for ages 3+ and the paint dries quickly for no-smearing and absolute excitement.

OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks Variety Pack | Chunkies Paint Sticks Coloring Pack


Pencils and erasers and pens, OH MY! From click-it erasers to clickable color-changing pens to bright colored pencils, your little ones will be excited to draw and write with these finds. Whether they use them at home or school, they will get a lot of compliments on their new writing utensils.

Monster PencilsUnique Unicorn Pencils | Unicorn Pens | Unicorn Click-It Erasers
Also be sure to check out Monster On a Roll Decorative Sticker Tape | Monster Scented Markers


Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM. We also all scream for these double tipped, scented barrels of colorful fun. Bonus: They are washable and offer both thin and thick drawing choices. Double bonus: With colors like grape popsicle purple and apple gelato green, they will smell as delicious as they look.

OOLY Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers

What are some of your go-to fillers for Easter baskets? What do your kids love? Comment below as we are always looking for fun and new ideas!


Fill Your Easter Basket with Zing Toys

Stikbot action figures are all the rage. They allow kids of all ages to create, animate and share their work. From the creators at Zing, these Easter-themed Stickbot pets will hatch into your child’s heart and you’ll be amazed at what they can do with them. This is the perfect Easter basket filler for the creative child in your life that wants to design their own animation. Easy to operate and fun to interact with, Stikbots come in all sizes and shapes. These sweet eggs are collectibles with each hidden surprise being an adventure.

Stikbot Studio Pro Toy Figure | Stikbot Easter Eggs


This cute bunny glove comes with all the fun your child will ever need. Easter always seems like the right time to start thinking about summer fun and bubble play, and this long-eared friend will certainly get you in the mood for each. The pack comes with one glove and two bubble solutions. To play, simply pour the solution into the glove and wave it back and forth. Instant bubble machine!

Glove-A-Bubbles 4 Pack | Lion | Elephant | Dinosaur | Rabbit


Fill Your Easter Basket with PLAYMOBIL

PLAYMOBIL is a big hit at our house, regardless of season or holiday. They span the spectrum of interest regardless of gender or age. PLAYMOBIL’S new Figures Series 13 is out now and ready to be collected, assembled and interchanged. Each mystery pack remains a surprise until opened. They are great because you can fully assemble with just one pack or combine multiple packs to create something entirely new and unique.

 PLAYMOBIL Series 13 GirlsPLAYMOBIL Series 13 Boys

For more information, watch videos Series 13 for both  Boys and Girls.


Fill Your Easter Basket with Smooshy Mushy Pets

Another collectible that your children will go crazy over are Smooshy Mushy Pets. Again, surprise treats are truly a trend and half of the fun. You won’t know what you get until you open the cute packaging for the reveal. There are 8 different pets waiting to be loved on, and each one is scented in a delicious flavor.

Smooshy Mushy Pets 2-pack | Smooshy Mushy Besties | Smooshy Mushy Pets

If you’re looking for fun alternatives to baskets for your Easter bunny delivery, check out these Fun Easter Basket Alternatives. Also, make time for yummy treats this Easter season and try making an Edible Easter Basket. Yum!
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