If the man in your life is incredibly practical like mine, shopping for gifts may be difficult. Each spring as the calendar rolls towards my husband’s birthday, I cringe. Finding the right gift is a challenge, but one that I am always up for. In an effort to help other women who married practical-minded men, I am sharing with you 4 dad gifts that he will actually use… And love! 

Tommy John Menswear: The Ultimate Gift of Comfort

dad gifts he will love

For the ultimate combination of practicality meets indulgence, say hello to Tommy John. Every guy needs to wear the layers necessary to go about their day, but no one says they have to be boring. Tommy John is easily the Victoria’s Secret of menswear, and once your guy gets a feel for their threads there is no turning back.

The Cool Cotton Crew Neck Stay Tucked Undershirt is silky soft like butter, and has just enough spandex to make the hug fit. This shirt has a unique patented design that alleviates an untucked under layer and is truly comfortable. Your man can wear it under his work shirts, around the house on weekends, or even to take you out on a proper date night. Wherever he is going, he’ll be comfy and cool in this top.

dad gifts he will love

When it comes to underwear, you better believe my husband has never shopped beyond the package deals at the local Target. One day with these 360 Sports 2.0 Trunk and his fashion sense has been enhanced. From the stay put waistband to the ventilated mesh, this is one pair of underwear that begs to be worn. It even comes with a utility pocket that can easily store a hotel room key, credit card or phone.

As a company, Tommy John delivers a solid high five to military and teachers, offering discounts for both. They also offer free shipping for orders over $50, which will make all of the Amazon Prime enthusiasts cheer.

Slide Belts: The Gift To Be Worn Daily

gifts for dad

gifts for dad

What wakes me up each and every morning you ask? The slide belt. The slide and snap of the belt my husband adores as he heads out the door for work. My husband has been a devoted fan since first discovering it on Kickstarter. As a household, we relish in the entrepreneurship of fresh ideas and brave minds. Relying at the ratchet system, this “no holes” belt keeps your pants in place with a simple locking system.

Slidebelts can be purchased through Amazon and come in a variety of 16 different color combinations. Although I never knew it was possible to be excited over a belt, my husband has proven me wrong. He describes it as the belt he never knew he needed and has recommended it to many friends. You can check out their single ratchet belt buckles as well as women’s Slidebelt options.

What are some of your go-to gifts for the dad in your life? Have you given him anything unique that he absolutely loved? Comment below as we are always looking for fun and new ideas!

Dollar Shave Club: The Gift That Keeps Giving

gifts for dad

gifts for dad

gifts for dad

What is better than having all of the necessary hygiene items you need? Having them delivered to your mailbox each month, without thought or advance planning. With Dollar Shave Club, you get exactly that… And more! In addition to shaving needs, DSC also offers oral care sets, hair products, shampoo and conditioners, skin care. They also have a great travel case to store all the goods.

Things your man will love about Dollar Shave Club are as follows:

  • No long term commitments. You can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • Schedule that works. You set your schedule, depending on how often you would like to receive products.
  • 100% guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, you get your money back.
  • Easy gift option. Whether you choose to purchase a gift set subscription or gift card, this is an easy go-to gift for the man in your life.
  • Quality products. My husband raves about the products and truly finds them to be of high quality.
  • Affordable prices. Quality products at affordable prices? Duh. What man wouldn’t love that?
Subscription services are a wonderful way to get what you need without having to think twice about it. In addition to the convenience of having products arrive at your house without thinking, you get the reliability or quality items on a structured schedule.

Prana Pants: Because Comfort Matters

The ongoing joke at our house is that my husband frequently tells me that he loves his pants more than his own offspring. The Prana pants that he so faithfully covets comes in a variety of sizes and colors. He loves that they don’t wrinkle despite hours of sitting or hiking. This is a great feature for traveling and packing in luggage. They are also versatile enough to dress up or down, wear outside to bike or inside to work, and are ALWAYS worn for date nights. Always. They are water repellent, stretchy, and quick drying. During a recent trip to Germany, where my husband lived out of a suitcase without laundry facilities for three weeks, these pants were easy to wash (and dry) within his hotel room.

Don’t let dads be the only ones to get great gifts. Check out our suggestion for a must-have mom product that she will adore.
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