Dear Friends & Family,

Some of you may have heard that I am about to embark on a new career path. After nearly a decade of spending my falls setting up a classroom and welcoming students to the halls of my beloved school, I have been approved to take a one-year leave from the place I love.

As of today, I am officially a Stay-At-Home-Mom. (SHRIEK). To be clear: I haven’t yet decided if that is a happy shriek or a scared shriek. Because this venture has both a start and an end date, I have decided to call it an internship.

The Stay-At-Home-Mom Internship has many highlights, and a few lows. The financial pay out is nothing, the hours suck, and, if I’m being honest, my clients are downright rude and unappreciative majority of our time together. That said, this internship will allow our family to focus on each other instead of living in a state of constant survival mode. Last year, the logistics alone were enough to leave me feeling like I had worked an 10-hour shift….. Before I even showed up to start my day at 8am! We scrambled, we punted, we cursed… But we survived. Everyone I know does this as working parents, so I’m certainly not saying that we are performing heroic feats by our mere survival. What I am saying is that I am incredibly blessed to have the option to spend this time at home and be able to return to my teammates and my school at the end of my time at home. That said, I am going to try my best to seize the many moments that lie ahead and cherish this opportunity.

While the decision to leave the classroom (and the co-workers I truly love) did not come easy, the choice to spend more quality time with my children came without hesitation.

Stay tuned for the many adventures of my SAHM Internship!!


My new “office mates”