When you get your hopes up for your annual funnel cake at the local 4th of July festivities… And show up to find a bizarre looking food cart named “The Healthy & Fit Cafe” in its’ place, you have options: 1.) You play the part of your toddler and go all “someone stole my toy” right then and there, breaking into both tears and rants OR 2.) You take the high road and vow to DIY the heck out of a funnel cake just as soon as you get to the store to buy the prerequisite gallon of cooking oil.

For those that don’t know me personally, I (obviously) settled on BOTH options 1 and 2. I pouted and sulked with my children watching, then promised we wouldn’t even remember the pathetic excuse of dough and sugar we were used to once we got in the kitchen the next day.

I’m happy to say I kept my promise and as of July 5, 2017, successfully pulled off a homemade funnel cake. By the way, it was DELICIOUS and PERFECT and BETTER than state fair food!

Tips for cooking with kids:: 

Thanks to The Cooking Bride and her delicious Homemade Funnel Cake recipe, we were able to extend our holiday festivities by a day. We can’t wait to make them again!