This tiny, easy-to-pack, simple-to-use, summer accessory is arguably our new FAVORITE thing! When you live in Minnesota (a.k.a The land of 10,000 mosquitos), you begin associating summer months with big red scratchy welts on your body. We’ve accepted it as the way it is, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Up until this summer, I was slathering questionable ingredients all over my children’s’ bodies to try and ease the pain and discomfort that comes with bug bites. After being introduced to The Bug Thing, those days are gone. Now, only a quick 30 seconds stand between the uncomfortable bite and immediate relief.

What We Love

✔ No chemicals or harmful ingredients

✔ Works great for a variety of bites and stings, including the wasp sting my husband recently got {ouch!}

✔ This clinically proven suction tool relies on a small amount of pressure to cure the ouchies

✔ Easy to pack, carry, and have available

Word of advice:: Make sure you fully release the pressure before pulling the cup apparatus up from your body. While I’m POSITIVE this step was in the written directions AND accompanying video, I am a skimmer and missed it. Skipping this step doesn’t cause pain but DOES leave you looking like Ryan Phelps when he showed the world his “cupping therapy” during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Where To Buy

Hello, Amazon Prime users! I am always excited to see my favorite products appear on Amazon, and The Bug Bite Thing is NOW available. You can also connect with The Bug Bite Thing through their site and social media {see below}.

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