Don’t let the title of this post scare you into thinking this is only a “day drink.” No one is saying you can’t drink it at night too! It’s so good you’ll be making variations around the clock. Inspired by my friend Heather over at Cookies for Breakfast, I decided to try this SIMPLE and YUMMY drink concoction myself. Boy, am I glad I did! Holy YUM! The recipe is everything I love about a good concoction: Super simple, minimal ingredients, and delicious!

What you need

✔ seltzer water, any flavor
✔ fresh fruit
✔ ice

It REALLY is that simple. 

If you really want to spice up your life, add fresh mint leaves and get excited.

Get Kids Involved

If ever there was a recipe to get the kids excited about getting involved in the kitchen, this is it. This recipe doesn’t involve specific measurements, so there is no wrong way. Additionally, kids can practice their beginning knife skills by chopping and slicing the fresh fruit. If you’re nervous about a lost finger, check out these great kids’ knives made my Curious Chef. They are our favorite and SO kid-friendly.

Favorite Combinations

This doubles as both a kid-friendly drink AND the best mocktini around to my preggo friends. I have served it at countless social functions and have only gotten rave reviews. See a few of our favorite combinations, and let us know of any new ones you try! We are always looking to add to our list.

Raspberry Lime Seltzer + fresh raspberries + lime wedges

Lemon seltzer + lemon wedges + orange slices + pineapple + mint 

Cherry flavored seltzer + blueberries + blackberries + lime wedges + mint leaves

Watermelon seltzer + strawberries + blueberries + a splash of mango orange juice + mint 

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