Those that know my daughters know that they are bunny-obsessed and spend more time dreaming about lopped ear fluff balls than they do anything else. When the Peter Rabbit movie came out, we were the first in the theater. When it comes to birthday parties and dressing up for Halloween, bunnies are the answer. They’re OBSESSED!

Therefore, testing out the Peter Rabbit: Let It Go! app seemed like a logical and smart downloading choice. 

Peter, along with his friends Benjamin and Lily, enjoy their magical world within the app. My children also loved their magical world within the app and would have fully immersed themselves in it for hours if I had let them! There was plenty to keep them busy and they each had a favorite part. From matching games to feeding the bunnies, exploring Benjamin’s house to target practice, throwing acorns to coloring Peter and his friends, there was something for everyone!

Check out the trailer and see the fun for yourself!

Check it out on Google Play or iTunes.

Photo Credit: April Walker


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