Sea Life Aquarium has invited in some special guests to Mall of America this weekend, and you won’t want to miss it!
Sea Life at Mall of America is always filled with beautiful ocean animals, astounding facts, engaging hands-on fun, and for this weekend only: MERMAIDS! Due to the popularity of meeting the mermaids, you can (and should!) expect a wait. Be sure to throw in extra snacks and let your kids know that the Mermaids are with other friends but it will soon be your turn. As you wait, here are some pointers to keep the kiddos in good spirts:

Sea Life Log Book

Getting your log book stamped at each of the 9 dive stations will give little ones motivation to stick with it and give them something to look forward to. My girls lit up each and every time they saw a new dive station and were excited to interact with the station and learn something new.

What is a dive book you ask? See the video below for a quick look!

Getting closer to the mermaid! Thankfully, there were kids’ activities close by so that parents could wait in line while children blissfully colored and worked on art to leave their mark at the aquarium.
Next up was getting to watch a mermaid friend swim with the fishies. Accompanied by two divers, and an assortment of ocean animals, mermaid Amyra gave us lots of waves, smiles, blew kisses, and even showed us her swimming skills.
There is lots to see and do at Sea Life Mall of America and we had a great time. We can’t wait to go back again soon!

To see the mermaids yourself, be sure to check in with Sea Life at Mall of America!

Photo Credit: Mojitos and Munchkins