Every mother knows how it feels when you have to leave your child in the care of others for the very first time. It can be a stressful experience even during the best of times. The bond you have developed during those early months has made you both inseparable and all that is about to change as you prepare to source a suitable early learning center. How much your child benefits from this experience very much depends on your choice of child care, so it is critical to make sure the center is fully equipped and run by qualified carers.


Finding The Right Daycare Center

You might first be thinking, “Where will I find daycare centers near me?” If you live in Australia, a Google search will reveal the whereabouts of early learning centers within driving distance, and you can begin the process of narrowing it down to a single venue. Your first impression will come from their website, which should give you a feel of the place and what they are about. You would find information about the carers and also the learning objectives of the institution, which should be clearly defined in their mission and values statement. There is an informative guide to selecting a daycare center, which points out some important things to look for in a good early learning center.


Preparing Your Child

For their entire lives, your child has seen you whenever they open their eyes. Mom has become an essential component of the child’s immediate environment, which is something to remedy well before the first day at kindergarten. Once you have made your selection of daycare center, take your child there at least once for an hour, which will introduce him or her to an unfamiliar setting, and make sure your visit coincides with activity time, which should stimulate your child’s interest.


The Absence of Mom

This can be quite a shock for some children at first. To avoid temper tantrums and stress on the first day, it is important to wean yourself from your child. In the days and weeks leading up to that first drop off, be sure to acclimate your child to time away from you, whether that is leaving them with a partner or family member for short periods. It isn’t necessary to leave the house, just as long as your child doesn’t see you. Though to be honest, you do need to get out of the house from time to time anyway, so having a coffee with friends might just be the perfect excuse to practice for seperation. Coffee outings are welcomed breaks for moms and your child will soon become accustomed to the fact that mom is not always around.


A List of Essential Items

The daycare center will provide you with a list of essential items to include in your child’s bag on that first day of drop off. Of course you will also fill out a plethora of paperwork to give the providers adequate background information about your child, such as food dislikes, personality, and any allergies your child might have. It is important to liaise with your child’s teachers and there would normally be a daily note in the child’s bag that contains information about that particular day. Aside from this, take the time to have a chat with the staff when you collect your child, as this will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

If you make the necessary preparations and discuss the up and coming kindergarten experience with your child, the transition should be a smooth one and you can resume your career with confidence.

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