I happily welcomed and accepted a 31-day writing challenge, one that would focus my mind and push me to wrote for 31 straight days. I decided I would write on intentional living, knowing that present and mindful living is an area of struggle and we would like to improve upon.

How ironic then that my SUCCESS at living intentionally and in the moment caused me to FAIL at my writing challenge. Now I am left trying to figure out if I should be celebrating the fact that I am properly living in the moment and making meaningful memories with my children, or dwell on the fact that my consecutive writing isn’t working as planned.

While I contemplate how to process my accomplishments, or lack thereof, I take comfort in knowing that I can still have 31 days of writing. Who cares if my writing is completed within the month of October or if it takes me until mid-November. Does that mean I failed? Can I consider it a failure if my kids are winning? Hmmm.

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