How do I love summer?

Let me count thy ways… Sunny skies that bask us in light long after kids should be asleep. Ice cream trucks and pool parties. Beach days and popsicles. Exploring new parks and long afternoon bike rides. Zoo visits and vacations and play dates with friends. Lounging in the hammock. A good book under a big shade tree. Sweaty bodies and iced drinks. Cold showers. Lemonade stands. Minimal scheduling. Relaxation.

Family Swimming Pool

The best investment we have possibly ever made as a family came from a Walmart Roll-Back Clearance Special. Stay with me, here. It started with researching prices for family pool passes at our local pools. Holy bananas was that an eye opener! Apparently, you’re downright penalized should you expand your family past one child. I don’t know if it is common practice for pools to rob families, but I wasn’t about to shell out that kind of cash knowing the stress it would cause once on the pool property anyway. Sure, it sounds like an “easy and relaxing” way to spend an afternoon, but a solo mom taking her newborn, toddler and anxiety-induced-afraid-of-water 5-year old would be the opposite of both “easy” and “relaxing.”

So what did we do? We closed the tab with the Pool Membership Info and clicked over to google to search for “pop-up pools” and filtered according to my family size and need. Our ultimate pool unicorn came to us from a Walmart an hour away, marked down in price, and with alleged “easy to set-up instructions.” We’ve loved it ever since, and have made countless memories splashing around in our $150 expenditure. Just the thought of it coming back out to play for our third summer makes me excited. Bring on the pool parties!

Summer 2017 plans: You will find us in this pool… Every. Single. Day. Splashing around with the three by day, sipping vino with the hubby by night, and full-fledged family fun on weekends. We love summer. 

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Wine & Beverage Cart

You guys. I dare you to look at this and not smile. No, seriously. The words party, friends, and fun all come to mind and I can’t wait for all of those three things to collide in a joy-filled night of laughs. This cart from Best Choice Products has wheels for easy transport, and a glass top for serving, mixing and prepping.  Oh, and did I mention an ice bucket below for keeping your drinks chilled AND built-in racks to hold wine glasses? Best Choice Products also has a variety of other dining and bar sets to choose from. 

Summer 2017 plans: This mama is going to set up post in this very lounger. I envision kids playing soccer, kids swimming, kids playing in the sandbox, and me snugglings up to my favorite book. Those who know me {and my team of 3 children} knows that this may not be realistic. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

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If you think my five-year old looks relaxed in this lounger, you can only imagine this mama in it. Feet up. Drink in hand. Shades on. It’s a beautiful thing. Oh, and it is sold in a pack of two, which lends itself to relaxing and sipping with a friend… Or if you prefer to relax solo, check out their option to buy just one. Either way, the lounger holds weight up to 250 pounds and comes with a drink holder to store your drinks, snacks and books. One of my favorite features is the built-in, adjustable pillow, which means that you get to choose your perfect set-up. These loungers {from Best Choice Products} come in a variety of colors, including a beautiful blue.

Summer 2017 plans: This mama is going to set up post in this very lounger. I envision kids playing soccer, kids swimming, kids playing in the sandbox, and me getting my reading on!

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Solar-Panel Umbrella

This solar-panelled umbrella enhances any meal or patio conversation. Not only does it allow for endless shade for a small group gathering, but also provides solar lights for when the sun goes down. 

Summer 2017 plans: Our backyard deck is perfect for late evening get-togethers as the sun falls behind the house and provides us with perfect shade. During the middle of the day, however, our deck is like the Sahara Desert. Thanks to this umbrella, we can enjoy picnics and play dates and popsicles without scorching our skin.

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For specifics on why the sight of a good hammock gets me excited, see the lounger section. Can you tell I like to relax and be as lazy and non-scheduled as possible during the summer months? I scored this sweet hammock last spring thanks to a Lightning Deal on Amazon. And by the way, who doesn’t love a good Amazon deal with free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime??

Summer 2017 plans: Read a minimum of 100 books in this bad boy this summer. Some of the books read in here will most definitely be The Berenstein Bears and YES, that will count as a book. We snuggle and giggle and read a lot in here. We hope to duplicate and add to all of the hammock 2016 fun from last year.

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What are some of your favorite products that get you excited about summer? We’d love to hear what gets you jazzed for the upcoming season… And perhaps add some new ‘favorites’ to our already growing list! Comment below!

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