Here we are folks. Day one of 365. My #SAHMInternship kicks off today!

The little ducklings are off to their own adventure. #1 is confidently off to conquer 2nd grade, #2 is apprehensively anticipating friendships in preschool, and #3, well, she’s now my full time sidekick and gets to be treated like an only child a few hours out of every day.

After years of tossing half-frozen waffles into the backseat and having the only morning conversation being nagging to get shoes on, today was like a breath of fresh air. Seriously. Check me out on day one: Showered, wearing jewelry, and Homemade blueberry muffins.

#SAHMInternship Day 1

#SAHMInternship Day 1

Note: I was laughing while this picture was being taken and actually said out loud, “We should take another picture of me in 10 days. I’ll be back to half-frozen waffles and nagging. And that’s if I even get everyone out of bed in time for school. Ha.” 🙂 Hey, it’s all about embracing the day, right?? What will be in 10 days, will be.

Seriously, ya’ll. I’m feeling amazingly blessed right now.

First on the agenda in my #SAHMInternship: Taking #3 on a homeschooling field trip to the Kids’ Gym. (Bahahahaha!) Mama’s gonna get her work-out on!