Mojitos & Munchkins recently had the opportunity to review a fabulous new product on the market, and are happy to share it with our readers!

Our two little “pet vets in training” were beyond thrilled to get home to see this package! The Little Pet Clinic Chair Cover is great because it lets you transform any chair into an immediate play area! Kids can have the fun without taking up prime real estate in your family room…. And who doesn’t love that concept as a parent?

We love the chair cover because of all of its’ intricate details. In addition to a “clipboard and pen” that my little one pretended to write on (laughing each time at the imagination, might I add), it has a place to “weigh” your favorite snuggly pet, and a place that holds special “treats” for your 4-legged friend.

In addition to the positives for the kids, check out the “fun” that parents can look forward to:

✔ The chair cover easily fits over chairs of all sizes.

✔ It is machine-washable.

✔ By using the attached velcro straps, the chair stays in place, no matter how much it is pulled and tugged.

✔ Made of heavy duty polyester, this chair cover is made for tiny {and grabby} hands!

✔ The chair cover is 100% packable, and takes up less room than a pair of snow boots. You can take it on play dates, to visit grandparents, or even on a vacation.

✔ Little Adventures offers a 100% quality guarantee on all of their products!

✔ They offer FREE shipping on all standard, US orders.

✔ Again… YOU CAN WASH IT IN YOUR WASHING MACHINE!! And it WON’T FALL APART. We LOVE when companies remember that things for kids get dirty easily, and parents don’t have time for dry-cleaning. We also love their commitment to making quality products that kids can WEAR and have fun in, without parents being constantly worried that it will be ruined after one use.

Wait…. There’s More??

Every good doctor at a Pet Hospital simply MUST dress the part. After all, Little Adventures was founded on the philosophy that all little people must look amazing at all times. Right?? Okay, okay, so the company did not actually list this as their philosophy anywhere that I saw, but come on… It must at least be a core value, right? A stuffed animal wouldn’t take their care giver seriously without the accompanying “doctor” apron. Ammiright? Again, the apron is MACHINE WASHABLE, soft and flexible to wear, made of DURABLE fabric, and goes perfectly with the Pet Clinic Chair Cover. Oh, and my pet vets rocked the look! Here, the apron is shown on both a two-year old and a five-year old. As you can see, it fits them both comfortably.

About Little Adventures

Little Adventures began in 2002 by two moms who weren’t impressed by the lack of quality dress-up clothing available for their children. During their first year in business, these mamas sewed over 2,000 dresses in their basements. After starting their product line with soft, itch-free dress-up dresses for girls, they have sense expanded to include dress-up clothing of all types, backpacks, dress-up accessories, doll clothes, and even adult outfits. Their newest products include these wonderful chair covers (Little Market, Handyman, Beauty Salon, Pet Clinic and Little Bakery) as well as matching aprons so our little entrepreneurs can dress the parts they are playing in style!

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Details: Enter the giveaway to win $30 in-store credit to the Little Adventures shop. Their childrens’ products include the chair covers and aprons in this review, as well as high quality dress-up gowns, cloaks, dragon-catching gear, super hero costumes, fairies, wands, tutus, jewelry, doll clothes and more. These products vary in price from $8 – $35. All entries must be submitted between March 7 – March 21. One winner will be randomly selected and contacted by Mojitos & Munchkins on the evening of March 21.

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**The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Emma!

The Mojitos & Munchkins tinies have been playing with this set around the clock. Their animal friends are lining up to get in, and from the laughs and conversations I’m overhearing, I’d say Little Adventures is doing a lot of things RIGHT with their outstanding products.

Please check out and follow Little Adventures to be kept up-to-date on all of the fun they are sharing with the world!

 Mojitos & Munchkins received these products for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.