If you’re like me, you have a long lost camera hidden away in an office drawer somewhere. I used to own the book “Digital SLR Cameras for dummies” and carried it with me everywhere. When I traveled for work, it was in my carry-on. When I went on vacation, I tucked it into my suitcase thinking I would *finally* have the time to read it. When I went on long road trips with my family, it was at my passenger side feet just waiting to be thumbed through. This darn book sat on my bedside nightstand for no less than 10 straight years before it finally jumped into the donation box. Eh. Oh, the hopes I had for what this book could teach me.

Also, f you’re like me, reading a book isn’t going to teach you how to apply photography skills. No, no… I need the REAL deal. I need some hands-on learning up in here! Lastly, if you’re like me, you are a mother. Which means you have tiny humans. Which means your best bet at READING is limited to The Berenstein Bears or Sandra Boynton. After researching online supports, I found the perfect solution.

Let me introduce you to Shoot Along:

Be proud of your family pictures! Eight photography lessons created by professional family photographers, delivered once per week by email, will help you master your camera. The short course is ideal for beginners or those who wish to complete a short project. Membership includes access to a private Facebook group for feedback and support.

Their next course is coming up soon – It starts on March 13, 2017. Don’t let your family memories continue to be documented on a phone camera – JOIN ME TODAY in this awesome adventure! I have signed up for the class and look forward to crafting my skill!

Let’s go on this journey together! It will be like a book club…. Only without reading… And much more fun! JOIN ME!